ShartMart is a buyback of loot,salvage,ore and exploration items. IN HI SEC
Ores will need to be compressed and preferably all items stacked. The current price we are buying at is 90%
of the current Jita buy price.

In the item hangar highlight all items you would like to sell. (ctrl click)

Then ctrl c to copy items highlighted.

Open https://evepraisal.com/ in a seperate window.

Now ctrl v to paste all the items in to the quick estimate window.

Click on the cogwheel next to paste box and then click on price percentage and eneter in 90 then click close.

Now for the results click on submit. It will populate your estimate.

There will be 2 main prices at the top one will be sell value the other will buy value.Keep this window open.

Now back to your item hangar take the same selected items and right clight click create contract.

Step 1/4 of contract, typ ShartMart in the name section, 2 names will appear use the corporation ShartMart
double click.then hit next.

Step 2/4 of contract, make sure items are selected here(should be correct) click next.

Step 3/4 of contract, in the I will receive box type in the estimated 90% estimated buy value from the site
https://evepraisal.com/ we done in the first steps. Put that amount in this box.

Set Expiration to a few days but we check contracts several times aday.

In the Description box copy paste your eveapraisal link here. This is where I can see what you see
when Im checking contracts. Click Next

Step 4/4 of contract just double check your contract detail and submit.

If for some reason something is incorrect I’ll send ya a message. If your a new guy or old to be honest
and the the isk isnt right will do the right thing and send it to you.


Do you buy sub-caps & caps? I have some a tone of ships including some a few rorquals, carriers, and dreds.

sometimes got some specifically i ca look at?



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