EVEpawn open it´s doors

Hi all,

ever had the Problem you wanted to sell a ship but the rigs have been very expensive? You know you need it in a few days and don´t wanna sell it low? Or you need some ISK but don´t want to sell your stuff because you will need it again later on?

Get your item on loan for 80% of it´s value (itemvalue minus rigvalue) and buy it back a few days later!
Fee on rigs is 20% on all other items 10%

If you are lending a ship with rigs the fee is based on the value of the Rigs (20%).


Your Ship is worth 500mil (rig value is 30mil) you will get (500-30)*0.8 = 376mil

To get it back you have to add the fee on it: 30*0.2 = 6mil so 376+6 = 382mil

If you would have sold it without the Rigs you would have lost 30mil so it´s just 6mil.

If you are lending some other item the fee is based on the actual value of it (10%).


Your item is worth 200mil so you will get 200*0.8 = 160mil

To get it back you have to add 10% fee on it, so: 160+10% = 176mil

A contract to buy it back will be established right after you gave your item.

Minimum value is 10mil of fees!

Your item has to stay in Jita! If you don´t buy your item back in two weeks it will be sold! Based price is the actual buy-price at Jita trade hub!

Hope to hear from you soon,
pm me ingame.

Greetings and fly save