WTS Loot in jita


Abyssal stuff (around 3b) and bpc included

Jita 4-4


68b offer

(I went trough a few of the items and the glowing ones on the list have wrong Buy orders prices by a couple bil so don’t respond me with “I can dump them for 72 pepega” please , since most items can’t handle multiple dumps without breaking buy orders and the market fee at the end will be less then 68b)

offering less than buy orders :ok_hand:

God dammit u just did it… Reeeeeeeeeeeee

Read what I stated above

Sorry edited to late :smiley:

ahah 1 second too late :slight_smile:

also while what you said is true, i’m selling this to traders, you can easily make between 80 to 85 bils if you have the patience

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Maybe but many of those items have way to big price changes in the past… some take weeks to sell and some are completely wrong listed in evepraisal… and then the billions of tax for reselling make it very unnatractive for the price u got it listed.

a picture says more then thousand words:

Alone with that Item there is a 1b Buy Gap , idk why evepraisal does that but happend a few times to me before with bulk purchases like that

This is just some Background info why I made the offer I made , don’t want to get called a “Lowballer” again… not today… not TODAY :smiley:

Edit: All cool if u don’t want to take my offer for now , just wanted to let u know incase u dump all of it and then notice that in the end and get a lot less then expected

I had no intention to call you that sir :slight_smile: I get your point but I politely refuse your offer.

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I like how u upped the price by 7b now completely going in the wrong direction lol :smiley:
But ty for ur reply good luck on ur sale man

I added stuff to the appraisal lol

ah sorry did not checked… time to raise my offer to 77b :smiley:


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