Sold plz remove

(BombTymer) #1

My assets have finally come out of Safety and im looking to sell them quickly.

Evepraisal This is all the items i am looking to sell EXCEPT a handful of Capital BPCs all max researched max run and a handful of subcap BPOs which i will throw in for free with the rest of the contract. ONLY SELLING AS 1 CONTRACT.

30b Asking Price Listed on Public Contracts

Apologies for all the previous confusion ive never done something like this before and am quite a noob.

(Donald Gump) #2

mail me when you have thanks

(Iedan) #3

Pls mail me the evepraisal

(Alocose) #4

Please eve mail me the evepraisal as well thanks

(Sepheir Sepheron) #5

Is this some next level scam?

(Alocose) #6


(Sepheir Sepheron) #7

I think giving 10 bil away cause ‘can’t be bothered’ sounds like either a scam or bot cash laundering.

(Admiral Mason) #8

Probably really bulky and hard to move items out of Lowsec.

(BombTymer) #9

the items are rather bulky and yes the 10b drop is to hopefully make a quick sale. consider this sort of like a firesale except at the end of the day i dont really have to sell it if all the offers aren’t what im looking for

(Felurians) #10


You have Mail.

Hope your day is like a dog off the leash.


(Bernard Amatin) #11

Can you mail me the Evepraisal?

(I wanna Sell) #12

Mail me Evepraisal please and we can make deal, thanks.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

(BombTymer) #13

daily bump

(skillme out) #14

eve praisal plz

(BombTymer) #15

(Mad Vemane) #16

how much for the first link? would be very interested in buying that part

edit: NVM those are all BPCs, is what I got contracted :thinking:

(BombTymer) #17

i dont how to eve praisal the difference between BPC and BPO i apologize i have edited my post. however i will offer you 30b since i accidently wasted your time.

(BombTymer) #18

Daily Bump

(Serenity Fireslayer) #19

your giving him 30b for wasting his time, please waste my time too

(BombTymer) #20

Honestly im willing to let this stuff go for 20b at this point