(WIP) EVE Mining Charts SPA

Hey guys,

I know something like this probably exists but maybe someone will find it useful. I’m developing a SPA for miners to figure out what they could be making per hour while mining with their specific ship fitting.

It can be found here: http://www.evemining.net

I haven’t optimized it for mobile yet, so desktop only for now. I’ll get around to adding the Gas table this week. Other plans I have are to add refining features and displaying locations to find all the ore and ice but if anyone else has any suggestions or ideas I’d love to hear them!

Current To-Do:

  • Add Mining Drones
  • Compressed/Uncompressed Toggle States
  • Custom Tables (Only show certain ore types)
  • Show ISK per m3

Thank you!

Edit: Note I’m primarily a UI designer. Development is something I’m in the process of learning so there may be bugs/discrepancies. This runs on Angular 4.

Nice :slight_smile:
It can also be useful to have a column for compressed ore income and maybe for mineral (from ore) ? (Like a toggle that allows us to select what we prefer for example).

For sure! Compressed ores are next on my list, and then the refined minerals.