Element43 - Free and open data for EVE Online

Hey there,
We recently relaunched Element43, a market data webapp for EVE Online. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Prices are fetched from ESI and updated every 5 minutes. Station/structure stats are generated hourly and region-wide stats are based on historic data generated daily.

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Is it just a price checker? Or are there tools that I’m missing?
I’m on mobile so possibly missing something.

Nice & shiny. I like it!

But there are a few things that could be improved:

  • I get a scrollbar to on the landing page. (screen resolution is 1920*1080) But I love the horizontal scrolling text at the bottom. :smiley: Sadly the headlines distract a bit.

  • image
    Is that the number of currently online pilots? Would be good to explain that via mouseover! (just an html alt-tag should be enough) You could even link it to http://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility if you want.

Nice website for checking market trends, but lacks some optimization. On the homepage the website constantly eats 25% of a CPU core. On the item pages it’s a bit better (~10%) but it shoots to >100% when checking info on the graphs. This makes the website feel sluggish on my workstation.

Overall the website looks clean and modern, I’ll probably be using it for quick lookups.

One suggestion I have is to prioritize often searched items in the search bar top the top, I’d like to type “plex”, hit enter and be looking at the page for PLEX, not the page for Yan Jung Plenary Wire.
(This appears to be caused by the search suggestions not updating quick enough, the moment I hit enter, Yan Jung Plenary Wire is still in the suggestion box).

the animated background picture is fancy but senseless and need to many cpu power for no reasons it makes even the page less readable

pls write server time and chars online next do the informations on the top so we know what is what

even the searchbar needs at least a small explanation text below the line or new user just see a empty website and dont know what to do

a popular or ( while using cookies?) last searched item list for direct acess would even be nice

pls change in item view the highest bid and ask to ingame memes sellers and buyers

as shown above the free open data text is spread wide with lot of space looks weird and missplaced
maybee move it below the element43 text even with an explanation what this website is like “Eve Online Market Search & Analyse”

the ticker is fancy and looks great but sometimes lags and have a space between who nothing is shown (and it drag your eyes to the ticker because something is moving who is the reason news channels introduced it)
maybee move it to a static information sorted by item types in a table with a checkbox to show or not show it? yes its not that fancy but lot more usefull
if you think about multi monitor setups it is realy disturbing to have movement on a static website in an corner of your view while you are looking on main display into eve where the moving stuff is realy important :wink:

and at last: lot of unused empty space between text in the vertical… (and some text is to big)
you will use the website mostly together with eve on a horizontal display like 16:9 as on mobile devices (who could even switched to horizontal) so use the space you have and dont waste where you have less

even if the website looks later not that fancy and not that “modern” the user will like it more
(look into other market websites the looks like 10 years old but just do the job) and thats the importaant point about a “tool” it had just to work well nothing more

Sooo much feedback - thanks a lot!

Yes mostly price-checking and some analytics at the moment.

Although mostly responsive and usable on tablets the site is intended to be used on a desktop - sorry about that! Finding a nice layout for orders on devices with a narrow screen is not easy.

Good catch! I slightly reduced the padding for the marketing copy for these screen sizes. You should see the beginning of the text now which should be less irritating.

When I wrote the navbar I did not have tooltips implemented yet. I added the explanation for these UI elements in a tooltip for the clock and the server status.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing performance problems, however the animation is optimized on many platforms and browsers by using GPU-accelerated transformation functions for creating the zooming effect. I just checked again using some browsers on macOS. While Safari seems to leverage these optimizations and only uses about 5% of CPU time I could reproduce your results in Firefox and Chrome. However on Windows when I checked Chrome it had barely measurable impact on CPU usage. Firefox was well below 4% with even Edge using less CPU. The CPU usage you were seeing seems to be related to your system’s configuration. You might want to upgrade/reconfigure/switch your browser. This can potentially improve performance on all kinds of pages.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, we’re using CCP’s APIs so we can’t really do much about this.

Even if the search is focused automatically it might be irritating on first use. Maybe I’m going add an explanation if I find an unobtrusive way to do so.

Good idea! :slight_smile:

I slightly reduced the width of these texts.

Thanks for the feedback. This is partly related to technical reasons and might be reworked in a later iteration.

This is a deliberate design choice. Compact layouts or more phone-friendly formatting could be achieved with alternative frontends built on top of our API.

This should have covered most of your suggestions. Thanks again!

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