Multipurpose site:

Hello everyone, I made this site where users can see market data, do appraisal and manage their mails

For now it can do:
-Visualise market data with a friendly user interface.
-Get appraisal for a list of item.
-Manage mail: read, write and delete them.

I intend to make it mobile friendly (actually the appraisal part is better on desktop) and it’s fully internationalized for all eve-online language: english, german, russian, french, chinese, japanese.

It’s build with angular for the front end part, nodejs for the backend, mongodb and redis for data.

I am glad to ear your questions or suggestions.

by the way forgive my english i’m not a native speaker.


Hi, the site looks really cool :+1: (I only tried the unauthed part).

I have a minor layout problem to report:
Using the latest version of Firefox (66.0)

Also, what formats do you support in the appraisal part? I couldn’t figure it out.

I want to add your site to the jEveAssets “lookup” menu, it’s really easy since you allow to directly link to an item, thanks!

Thank you for the report, I will see that, for the appraisal part it support multiple type wich are:
-wallet transaction
-planetary interaction
-survey scanner
-mining ledger
-looting history
It also support just the name of the item only or preceded or followed by a quantity

I have done some test and it worked so far, if you notice anything don’t hesitate to notify me

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I tried with the following:

100MN Afterburner I 1
100MN Afterburner II 1

The progress bar at the top, just keep going, but, nothing happens.

It’s a bug for that kind of items with digits in theirs names my parser didn’t like it, it’s fixed, I also fixed the layout issue you had and I changed the color of items links in order to make them more readable.

tank you very much for the feedback

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Fix confirmed :heavy_check_mark:

Actually looks pretty good. I selected PLEX to view in the Market section.

The sell section looks great, has the volume, price, location (system sec lv, system name, station name), order expiration date and time/date when order was placed.

I’m not sure if this is a bug but the sell section only lists orders placed in NPC stations. The ‘Buy’ section lists orders placed in player structures but will list the structure name as - non public player structure.

Also was wondering if an ‘All Regions’ option can be added to the Market section.

Other than that, the site looks great.

The problem with players structures is that it requires the following scope: esi-universe.read_structures.v1 in order to read their name and the character need to be on the ACL to get the structure name otherwise it return “Forbidden”


It’s really painful because in the game you always see the name of the structures even if you are not on the ACL

I don’t really have a solution for that, it’s an ESI limitation.

If there is no player structure in the sell section it’s probably because there is no sell order coming from them, and for the ‘All Regions’ I will see what I can do I think it’s possible.

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Ahhh, thanks for explaining, didn’t know about that. Having it listed as player structure is definitely better than it showing as forbidden.

That would be great if you can add ‘All Regions’ to the Market section, definitely help in finding the best price available. Even if you can’t add that option, it’s still a great site,


I added an ‘all region’ to the market section, is was easy I should have done it earlier, I also show the item displayed in market (so if you come from an external link you know what item it is) and you can get some info about it.
Also I load the render of data piece by piece in market/buy and market/sell so it display the data faster and load more data as you scroll them.

If you notice a bug or something as usual give me some feedback.

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Cool, thanks, I’ll definitely check it out.


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