EVEData.org Intel Data & Tools Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve made an update post. Many new features have been added to https://www.evedata.org

Current features:

  • Arbitrage Calculator: buy low, sell high; find items with good margins.
  • ECM Calculator: find the probability you will jam a target factoring multiple events.
  • Market Browser: because everyone writes one of these.
  • Asset Browser: combined characters assets with estimated values.
  • Profit & Loss: combined character journals over time.
  • ISK per LP: determine where best to dump your LP. Shows market volume to assist weeding out bad sells.
  • Local Intel Summary: quick reference of who is in local and their capability.
  • War Contact Sync: automatically set red contacts on alts for wars and militia enemies.


  • Discord Integration: get locator responses, structure/poco attack, corp application notifications, and killmails on discord.
  • Discord Authentication: tie users to roles based on membership, blues, militia. Currently Alpha Testing.
  • Data Sharing: share locator, war, and structure attack notifications to other entities Discords. Great for protection contracts or alliances with many corps. Alerts via evemail (must not have cspa) if you leave a corp while sharing data; in case you forget.
  • Enhanced entity details: corps and characters joining and leaving alliances. Known associates.

Hopefully will have time to squeeze in some more features before XML/CREST are shut down. Suggestions are welcome.

I try to keep security and secrecy in mind while developing tools; if you find issues, let me know privately.
Available on #devfleet.

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asset browser does not appear to be working.

mail me in game one of your characters and I will debug. they are on an hour cache timer so it can be up to an hour before they are pulled.

tried with this toon (Elexia Beacon), From what I can see this is a good little project, I’d like to setup the discord notifications for structure notifications, do you have any issue with it being self hosted?

Looks like you missed a step. The login at the top right is the main authentication to the site; it requests no scopes and cannot obtain character data.

Once you authenticate, add characters on the account page and select what scopes you wish to allow for that character (including assets in this case). You can add multiple characters at this stage: https://www.evedata.org/account

The services are not designed to run independently and would need heavy modification; feel free to try if you wish or base something off the code.

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