Eve x Excel Add-in Version 1.5.0 Patch Notes

Build is processing and will deployed soon on production. Soft update that will require a CTRL+F5 to refetch updated files, and/or clearing the addin cache if these functions are something you want to use straight away.

New functions:

  • Adding a schematics function and the data to pins for factory schematics, .EVEONLINE.SCHEMATIC supports both schematic ids and searching by the type_id of the output type_id for a schematic. Shows input and output quantities, and makes more visible what factories are producing.
  • Adding SEARCHSTATIONS function that searches SDE data for NPC stations by station name.
  • Addding STUCTURESEARCH that searches ESI via the search endpoint. Requires a logged in character.

New Parameters to existing functions

  • Adding an optional end_location_filter to CORPORATION_CONTRACTS that will prefilter based on location_id.
    ** (Useful for more easily showing fleet ship contract stocks at frontlines for corporations)

  • CHARACTER_STANDINGS now has an optional “id” filter that will output the standings of the matching corporation/faction directly into the cell for easier calculation and checking that use standings.
    **Example: .CHARACTER_STANDINGS(character_id,500010) to check the Guristas faction standings of a character


  • Rework of the logic behind .blueprint_explosion to better work with complicated blueprints. (ME 0 and no bonus applied to all calculations), rogue blueprints in the SDE might cause issues.
  • Bugfix for duplicated entries in character_journal
  • Invalid/Expired character tokens should be handled better and logout the characters affected by invalid tokens so they can be logged back in. Previous version was only hiding them from the sidebar, until a user refreshed the site.

LOL I knew an update had rolled because the entire sheet broke and a find/replace had to be done on every sheet. Like clockwork.

At this point I am almost positive that is the save process when closing the files that is creating my find/replace issue.

You can see here the save function that has been popping up. At this point the sheet is functioning perfectly because I have already gone in the done the find replace.

FIND - 'https://d.docs.live.net/Applications/Microsoft Excel.app/Contents/Frameworks/ATP.framework/Resources/en.lproj/FUNCRES.XLAM'!_xldudf_EVEONLINE_


After saving/closing I reopened the file to find that everything is broken again and I have to find/replace over 1000 instances of the error.

Is there a particular reason (i.e. maybe the way INDEX functions) that I need to manually go in (F2, enter) to get my pricing lines to update?


These never seem to update unless I F2 each one then enter. Even then some of them still don’t update.

When I look at my add-in it says v1.43.
How do I get it to update?

The update for cells requires a manual update unless you do F9 to recalculate the entire sheet, or link it to another cell(like region_id or station_id and hit enter on that, with auto calculation mode on that is)

CTRL+F5 then restarting excel, if the new functions dont appear loaded in.
There is also File->Options->Trust Center->Trust Center Settings(Button) → Trusted Add-in Catalogues(sidebar) → Next time office starts, clear all previously-started web add-ins cache.

mmkay. I linked to an external cell which immediately calculated everything.

Something of interest. “Save external link values” I wonder…

That seemed to do the trick!

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“Save external link values” seems to be linked to using other workbooks as references in workbooks, and upon saving it saves the values instead of just the formula. Unknown if it messes with our entity framework in use for almost all the things.

Oh and I recommend saving cells that are static data as Values, that way you won’t have to find+replace them when mac excel decides its time to massacer the addin customfunction link. Such a strange error.

Yeah I’ve done that in a couple of spots already. I found that if I reference a call that has a static value card from the admin that I cannot reference it.

For instance, the below table is used as a lookup reference. If I have those station types (Raitaru, Azbel, Sotiyo) as static cards for the respective stations the formulas cannot refer to them as a lookup. In this case I had to change them to plain text.

In the case of My current PI tables though…

…I leave the cards as I occasionally pull data from them

1.5.1 scheduled for release tomorrow/this weekend to add new SDE files. (1 new blueprint)

Also includes an improved fallback type fetching from ESI method that was stealth patched into 1.5 and is the functionality telling you what shiny new filaments you have in character_assets list are, instead of a blank text cell with an unresolved type_id.

Oh and .volume_packaged (repackaged volume for ships etc.) should get added to the .TYPE cards in 1.5.1 via everef repackagedvolume.json merged into the addins fuzzworks supplied invTypes.csv

Full patch notes will come with the release. :saluting_face:

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Can’t wait to see this new release !
And i hope the ESS Escrow Payment will be fixed in the Wallet Transaction.

1.5.1 minor update notes.

Updated imageMappings helper file for rendering .image on type cards
Updated sidebar example commands with schematic, searchstation and structuresearch
Add-in will now fallback to ESI if the type_id exists in the ESI but not in the SDE (via everef /types)
.TYPE cards will now include .volume_packaged for ships packaged sizes.
market_struture_orders_stats will now return #VALUE if the character token is not valid, or missing ACL.
cache timers for _SKILLS and _SKILL_QUEUE are now the same value.

New blueprints.yaml and staStation.yaml files from SDE.
note, the base .csv files for many things such as solarsystems, invTypes and dogma are still on the old SDE version.
Once fuzzworks.co.uk is updated to latest, we will update the files* with a soft patch, for the new ships dogma attributes, and correct security status for security status bumped systems.

(to etip Agittain: AFAIK ESS Escrow is still missing form the ESI data)

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Thanks for the update !
Re the ESS escrow, is there any hope to have it one day ?

Has all the current issues logged, maybe commenting in the ESS escrow thread will help?
I’m don’t know much about what is being worked on in regards to ESI, so I just don’t know if there is hope or not. Data completion and parity to in game views for transactions is always nice so I personally hope it makes it.

I’m rolling back the volume_packaged for now and readding it later, the invTypes.csv injection seems to have broken the inventorysearch once it’s deployed.

For the save as xldudf and such errors, this might be the fix, basically can you try disabling the analysis and solver default addins in excel? (or show me what default addins are in a mac excel?)

Haven’t seen the error since disabling these.

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Releasing small hotfix, no version bump,

  • the invalid token logic removed from the add-in. Since it was removing characters if eve was down during the refresh of token, or if the users network was offline. Now it will just display an error in the sidebar. Users have to manually readd characters with properly invalid tokens.

  • Includes Latest SDE as well for 2 new AT ships, and proper marketgroup_id for expired filaments in assets

  • blueprint_type_id synced to corporation_industry_jobs like the character version of the function

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