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Will I be required to pay a subscription to Microsoft to use this feature, or will you support standalone versions of Excel?


No, if you have outlook account you can use O365 web version. The add-in does not load in order to connect your character profile, for me at least good luck.

I have been trouble trying to use the Add-in. I keep getting an error when I attempt to use one of the functions. I was able to Add the Add-in just fine but when I try to use the functions I gives me an error. Basically the cell returns #VALUE (typical for errors in Excel) and if you put the mouse arrow next to it you get a triangle with ! warning indicator and text indicating that the function is using “data that are not formatted for the function” or something to that effect.

Anyone else seen this error? And if so is there a way to resolve it?

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So what does this do i can not do with google Docs? I dont understand the hype here or the need for supporting microsoft in any way.

Am I the only one having problems with the add-on? Functions like transactions, orders history just don’t work. The inscription “Busy” hangs endlessly in the cells.

Standalone 2019/2021 Excel support is being investigated by Microsoft.

The error appearing also happens to all excel add-ins using data types and customsfunctions not just the Eve add-in. So I hope it’s something that can be resolved.

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What version of Excel are you on?

Microsoft 365 is currently the only working version for Windows Desktop clients.

Free web excel through Office.com works in chrome and Edge(as it’s chromium based nowadays), needs “shields down” in Brave browser for the add-in to be able to fetch required data from the add-in host. Works also in Firefox. (Web has issues with forever #BUSY results for assets functions/any function returning data more than 5mb)

Actually I am using Excel 2022 stand alone version. Not 365. You can still purchase that version directly from Microsoft. I did. Again…Directly from Microsoft not some secondhand BS supplier. I refuse to purchase software from Microsoft that I have to continually pay to use on an annual basis.

So you are saying there is a problem potentially with stand alone software with Add-ins…figures…

Web version in Firefox and EDGE, the behavior is the same. I just tried EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_JOURNAL() and EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ORDERS_HISTORY().

Did I understand correctly that for such functions to work correctly, I need a standalone Excel Office 365 version?

That would thoroughly suck…hopefully there is some kind of fix either with the add-in or with Excel coming.

No you are not the only one

If you are getting #BUSY on those functions it’s most likely the payload being too big (5mb>), we’ve added a paging parameter to the wallet_transactions for corporation that makes 1000 items per page and it’s most likely going to be needed for wallet_journal and orders_history too for the size of your data, I’ll make a ticket for it and have it added ASAP to the next update to improve web functionality.

Currently without the paging parameter to make these functions return smaller datasets required for excel web you can only call them successfully in a M365 Excel Desktop client, that AFAIK is only available as a subscription.
Microsoft is looking into the issue with standalone 2019/2021 versions of Excel and their #VALUE errors with the add-in. With that error persisting the add-in only works in Excel on Windows (Microsoft 365) as the add-in page states.

Oh, didn’t know they had a 2022 version too. What does your Account version screen say exactly?

The 1 - Product name text like in the link below here with an example image.

What version of Office do I have?

#VALUE (typical for errors in Excel) and if you put the mouse arrow next to it you get a triangle with ! warning indicator and text indicating that the function is using “data that are not formatted for the function” or something to that effect.

That’s what I get

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What does this screen in your Excel say at the (1) segment.

Knowing that would help if the #VALUE error is the standalone related Excel issue we’re hoping can be fixed by Microsoft themselves. Feel free to DM me on Discord if you’d rather share this debugging information there. I have the username “hundasupa” and my display name on the Eve Online discord is Hundasuupa, same as this name, with a green name with an MS Excel Dev role and I’m active in the spreadsheets channel there too if that helps find me.

This exact version information helps pinpoint exact affected excel versions for our error reporting to Microsoft about these incompatibility issues of what the add-in uses that go against what official Microsoft documentation say.

For (1)
I have
Microsoft Office Professional 2021.
For (2)
I have
Version 2307 build 16626.20134

What function are you trying to use?

Good to know, your version falls under the other reported versions having similar issues.

It’s still under investigation from Microsoft if they can do a patch to get those versions to provide working output from any addins using customfunctions and data entities that the add-in is utilizing.

We’ll do a post in this forum when we hear any news, if a patch is coming or not.

I certainly HOPE that a patch comes out because if it doesn’t then the Excel add-in is effectively useless for people like me.