Alright, something very basic I'm missing here

I load the Eve Online add-on in Excel, latest Office. I put something like =EVEONLINE.TYPE(645) into a cell and all I get is #VALUE!. Any basic tips for a beginner?

Do I need to log in to something first? I’m just interested in public info like the price of something. Nothing character related.

what version of excel are you running?

as Botchi said, what version of excel are you on?

You can see it by viewing File → Account → Right side where it says something like this image.

If it is 365, which is the only supported desktop version for windows, and you are still getting #VALUE error. Then you might need to hit Switch License button for it to load the 365 license in.

It’s Excel Home and Student 2021. What an extremely dumb “Excel plugin” if it only works with 365.

Sadly the needed API isn’t included in that version. The addins supported by retail excel version simply cannot do the entity data + custom functions combination used for all the eve functions to enrich the data.

The Office add-in team at microsoft looked into this issue and told us that due to buisness reasons they can’t bring the needed capabilities to retail excel.
The latest patch for excel was supposed to enhance our version detection so the sidepanel can tell users that the version isn’t supported, since we can’t stop it from being displayed in the app store to retail excel.

This “gimmick” is a promo for MS Excel, something I haven’t used for many years in my business world. I hope for CCP’s sake they got paid well for the endorsement. Today most of the clients I work with globally don’t use Excel, when anyone can use Google Sheets, which has been freely available for 17 years now. Even in the rare case where anyone sends me an Excel doc, I have the import/export features available to me in Libre Office Calc. Most common users of Excel don’t or can’t use the most advanced features (such as macros or plugins) and the cost of owning a licensed version of Excel in today’s business world is not worth while. There will always be some company using Excel out there, I am not saying this will go the way of IBM’s Lotus 1-2-3.

A better solution would have the selected user data export from the client to a CSV document to be accessed by any spreadsheet program. However this would not promote the use of MS Excel.