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None of the functions work

The latest info I have is that the Excel team is expecting to release a conclusion and solution to this issue this month. What that will be exactly I can’t know for sure.

Hopefully it’s going to be support for retail excel or some way for us to update the add-in to include support. But I can’t know for sure.


This is great news. Thanks for the update.

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I would like to list all my assets. But the command “=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS()” doesn’t work.
What can I do?

Seems like you need the character to get the list,
should get you the 3 active character.

Like Elzig said you can use a character_id to display it. It’s the first optional parameter.

You can inject into the character_id_or_entity parameter the cell from the active character list, or the functions dropdown in the sidebar for your logged in character, assets button in there will inject into your selected cell in the sheet the preset character_assets function with the character_id and the “Rifter” filter for an example of type_name_or_type_id parameter being applied.

(character_id, type_id_or_type_name, location_filter, page) is the order of parameters
There is also a location_filter parameter, that will only display things in certain stations or containers if you supply their IDs, the jita 4-4 being a popular choice

=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(,,60003760) being all items for all logged in characters in Jita 4-4.
=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(,32872) returns all your Algos.
=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(,34,60003760) returns all your trit IN jita 4-4. If it’s in containers it should expose it per container etc.

However if you call the function like you commented, without a parameter supplied, it will fetch all logged in characters assets. It can take very long to do so if you have a lot of items, and even longer if they are in many different private structures. So having either paging or type_id/location_filter helps the performance a ton!

Sidenote: if you are on excel web, you might very likely get a forever #BUSY due to a payload size limit in web excel unless you use the pagination parameter that will split up the assets results into pages. (500 per page)

=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(,,,1) if you have “,” as your excel seperator can help you display your items in excel web.

What exactly the error from the cell was would help us and if you were on web or a desktop client , if my message is getting to technical :clap: