I’m just trying the new add in with the free online Version of Excel.
As soon as I’m using: =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_TRANSACTIONS() it stated ‘busy’ without any change. I tryed the page function as well: =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_TRANSACTIONS(;1) but nothing happend.

I can’t use the cool new excel feature right now. :frowning:


P.S. I still can’t understand why the Add In is not working with the offline Excel Version 2021 on Windows…

Hi, It’s likely the paging size for the wallet_transaction isn’t small enough for the data. I’ll look into it and see if I can find what number works for excel web, and make a hotfix for it.

Excel 2021 doesn’t work since the API the addon uses, the card json style attributes, was created recently in 2022 and the answer we go was due to business reasons microsoft can’t give the 2019/2021 version a backwards compatible patch for it to work. The API was reporting the wrong support initially so it looked like it should have worked, but that was a bug that was resolved.

Bit annoying that the addin store can’t tell users that before they download the addin. :frowning:

Hi Hundasuupa,

thanks for your reply and that you will take care of it! :pray:

o7 Trabitat

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Heya, have you managed to try this out again after 1.5 release?
Interested if my personal test data was enough or if the data varies too much for 200 per page.

I’ve been messing with the excel add-in today, and I get the same Busy error message in the web version of excel.

Other functions work well, but this is the first I’ve ran into that won’t pull any data.

Looks like the excel web detection has broken after some web changes from MS, I’m not getting a fallback page 1 either.

I’ll test this again for the pageload for page 1 and try creating some setting for this endpoint to customize the page size, for next patch.
This would be the first function to obtain a customized paging setting so we’ll see how it behaves after that.