All is working, but i cant load date with filters like i can do in game corp journal. Any advices?

I need to filter date cz i cant load more that 10000 cells, cant get info month by month.

What is required?
Add parameters for the function, for example,
=EVEONLINE.CORPORATION_WALLET_JOURNAL(character_id; division_id; ref_type; year;month;day; page)

Otherwise, the function does not provide any information for analysis, since 10,000 cells contain information for 12 days

The second assumption is that there is a function for this =EVEONLINE.CORPORATION_WALLET_TRANSACTIONS
However, it doesn’t work. It is possible that incorrect parameters are specified in the description, since it is actually equal to the function =EVE ONLINE.CORPORATION_WALLET_JOURNAL


These 2 endpoints only go back 30 days.

The commands are the same for the Journal and Transactions. character_id with the access required. The transaction one shows completed market transactions tied to the division wallet, so it’s not as useful as the name suggest, since it’s often empty of results, the journal is one you’d want.

The payload limit for excel web is the reason for the paging parameter since it’s otherwise unable to output any data, and for very very active wallet it’s needed if it exceeds excel desktop computing time limits.

The date parameter doesn’t seem doable due to the 30 day data limit on the endpoints, since you’d have to manually copy the output and paste it somewhere as values to retain a log older than the 30 days. Making a built-in parameter limited in how useful it is.

I’ll create a ticket to add the ref_type optional parameters. That’s pretty easy in execution and could be ready for the next patch.

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