Excel Add-In: Corporation Wallet Journal only one month

The current function, EVEONLINE.CORPORATION_WALLET_JOURNAL(character_id, wallet_id), only brings back the last month of data. Whilst understand that we don’t want it bringing back 20 years of data, if would be a useful function e if we could spefcify the range of dates we want to pull, as it stands pretty useless. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Alternately, if by some miracle there were Devs reading this are there any plans to introduce the capability to specify a date range?

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This has unfortunately been a long standing limitation of various ESI endpoints.

Tools like SEAT workaround it somewhat by keeping a local copy of pulled data and just adding the new stuff. But this means you can only ‘look back’ to whenever you started your SEAT instance.

Thanks … had not realised that but see now in JeveAssets the same … only ‘pulls’ the last 30 days … did not know that

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