Expected Range Behavior for esi latest /wallet/* endpoints?

I’ve been testing some esi wallet endpoints in my app.

I’m using an Alpha account to test.

/character/character_id/wallet returns the wallet balance
/wallet/journal returns a 200 but an empty array
/wallet/transactions also returns a 200 but an empty array

Is there a maximum date range on journal/transaction history retrieved? My alpha hasn’t had any transaction or journal entries since Nov 2017.

I don’t see any information about how far back these endpoints can reach, nor do I see a way to specify range by date. There is an option to add a transaction ID, but that’s a catch 22 for me.


Edit: Added Issue requesting more documentation on the endpoints here

journal/transactions endpoints will only return last 30 days of data. If you do not have any data in past 30 days you wont get any data, hence the empty arrays.


Much like it works in game, you only get 30 days of history

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If it works anything like the XmlAPI, there will be a upper limit to how many items you can get, as well.
So, 1 month or X amount of entries, whatever comes first.

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Thanks! That makes perfect sense.

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