Is there a Full wallet history

So you know how when you open your wallet you see activity from the last 30days in once vs expenses and all that cool stuff is there a way to see that for the full lifespan of your account I’m quite interested to see how much I have made from ratting and other stuff since the creation of my account.

Maybe the excel add on or some 3rd party with wallet access can do it

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I could see a full wallet history being a huge spying tool for some people in this game.

Just saying…


Only via third party applications and data gathering and storing that data over time.


try “ordering” it via game support ticket. but i guess just for a narrow time window, like a month or less. if you remember which year and month the transaction you are looking for happened ofc.


The ESI endpoint allows fetching full wallet history - paged

After you authorize and provide your char id it outputs a limited number of transactions. you can provide the id of the last transaction from your last search in the next search to get the next batch and so on until you get to the looked for date.

You should be able to do it quicker and more cleanly with Exceladin+


wallet endpoint is still limited to last 30 d and last X (10k?) entries.

Bummer, you’r right :confused: just checked it out. So i guess the only way is through support ticket :pensive:

Even that is likely to have a limitation on the amount of data they are going to dig through, i very much doubt they would give me my entire last 19 years worth of wallet transactions :stuck_out_tongue:

At some point i imagine extremely ancient data that is no longer needed is probably either discarded or moved to long term cold storage, its not really that useful to keep around unless you’re tracking trends and i don’t think there is much to learn from 10 year old transaction logs

Frostpacker does not need to summit tickets for wallet questions. We keep track in a physical diary.

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Just wait till the government finds out and requires you to pay tax in real-life based on your ISK* records in your diary. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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And in another old life I use to trade with Platinum gold from Switzerland