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as the topic suggests I was hoping to get some data\stats\numbers on my toons and alts. I recall there was some once a year data dump, but have not seen it in ages. I would like to chat with a CCPdev or ISD if possible. The data will be of much help in a future post.
I know this falls on the bottom of the list, as far as prioritys are concerned, butmy timeline for needing this data is rapidly approaching.

Thank you.

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The links you sent where what i was talking about, but what i failed to mention was im looking for a Total from when data was saved\stored till today.

Edit; so it looks like they only started saving data from 2013 sadly
thank you agian fo rthe links Scipio Artelius.

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Do you know is there a way for me to share this data with out having to give away my username and PW, not that I would, but you hopefully know what im getting at.

Edit; Im using https://youreveyear.appspot.com/#
if that helps answer the question.

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There’s no endpoint that will provide you the totals.

You could pull the data for each year and then total it up yourself.

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Oh I see what you are talking about. Pitty the community I think would like to see its totals.

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So, actually my last reply wasn’t quite right.

All of the stats are returned with a single call, since the endpoint was brought back last year:


So it is possible, with a single authentication and call, to get all of the data and sum it on the your end.

However, getting the data requires the use of the Eve Swagger Interface, which requires authentication of your character through Single Sign-On.

None of the existing apps (3 linked in the article above) appear to provide their own api to get the data separately once logged in.

So there isn’t an easy way to provide the data to someone else about your character, since that would require logging in through the SSO.

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