Character Play Time, Sessions, Stats

Pursuant to an old thread, I’m looking for statistics data about play time and sessions. ESI once held this data under /characters/{character_id}/stats/, but that no longer exists… Has it been moved or removed? Authorizing all scopes doesn’t seem to bring this data (if it’s still being gathered).



I highly doubt CCP keeps track of that anymore. Mainly because that would require their server to work more…

Hell, they couldn’t even list the correct character in their ‘Year In Eve’ email…

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That would be so interesting to know that data. Good point and thx for reviving this topic. :nerd_face:

It was removed about 2 years ago. A new version of it would prob be powered off the new activity tracker feature backend, but I wouldn’t bet on that being implemented anytime soon :confused:

Ref: esi-issues/ at master · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

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