Total amount of time spent on EVE Online play

Before this new login system that replaced API model (I don’t understand the differences), I was able to see total amount of time that I spent playing EVE Online since character/account creation. I used mobile Android apps like Evanova or EVE Droid to check that. But now when CCP switched from API to “login method” (don’t know how to call it, I’m a noob in that area) I don’t see that data. I can only see the date when I created my account and how much days passed since account creation. Is there any way to see how long was I online, logged in and playing?

I just ended up with about 30000 hours. I have no life…


If you go directly to the Swagger site:

That end-point will give you the stats you want. You can authorize through the link at the top (select the scope).

It will give you a JSON response for all years and you can manipulate it as you like.

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Hm, I try to login, enter my credentials, than I enter 2 factor authentication code and than I receive “Bad Request”. Is it not working atm?

Should be fine. Works ok for me:

Did you put your characterID in? (You can easily get it from zkillboard if you don’t use the basic info endpoint),

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I remember in Age of Conan you could just type command in chat and voila, you were treated with some stats on how little of life you actually live outside of game. I wish EVE had something like that.

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It wasn’t working because I was entering my character name and not character ID :joy:
Not it works when I copied character ID from zkillboard adress. Thx a lot!

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