How to view total amount of playtime in eve?

I’ve been looking all over different forums trying to find a way to view my total playtime on one character.
Every guide i’ve found seems to be before the big ESI and API changes in 2018 so i figure its because of that i cant find any of them working.

If anyone has any idea on how to find this please let me know :smiley:

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oh god why would you really want to know you have spent 6 years in game in the last 12 years, seriouosly why would you want to know that !!!


idunno man… maybe it can be used for my next job application?


used to be a slash command or something that told you but i guess they are all gone

I think you can pull that information using this:

@Aaaarrgg , please don’t pod me for this.

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i wouldn’t dream of podding you, now where did i put my locator agent.

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Alright I’ll let you pod me then, but I do not know where to set autopilot , you used to stick around in Niarja, but now system is gone…

i run the pipes , just go on ap and we will meet sooner or later.

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I’ve tried this but i cant seem to get it working. It does not seem to be a field within the ESI itself from what i can tell…

Steam tells me how many hours I’ve played EVE so far.

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But steam only works for steam… and i dont use steam to play eve

That’s one reason to use Steam, though.
The other reason is when you buy stuff ( Omega time ) it keeps a record of the transaction, sends you a mail, keeps your settings so faster next time to use the store and you have proof of purchase in case something goes wrong so you have something to put in the ticket for support people to figure out what happened and redress the situation.
Steam also accepts PayPal which is one of the best thing to use to pay anything for online. PayPal saves everything and allows you to contest a payment if you get ripped off.
I play all my games with Steam and pay everything through PayPal. Been doing that for years and have no complaint whatsoever.

PS: You also get discounts through Steam once in a while. Forgot to mention that. Last time I got 3 months Omega and got PLEX for it plus a discount on the price.

As if I don’t already have enough reasons to feel sad about myself lmao

Ummm… :rofl:

the character stats endpoint seems to not be available anymore.

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