View overall time on eve

title says it all how can i view overall time on eve online

You don’t, unless you have EVE installed through Steam, then you can use the Steam counter. I’ve been playing EVE for 18 years. Not sure I want to know…


Didnt CCP add a year in review feature a few years back that told us something like that? I want to say I remember something like that but I dont have the memory to remember when or if Im correct.

Yeah but that was just for one year back in 2021.

True. And even STEAM doesn’t show you the total number of hours you’ve played the games in your Library.

Consumer companies simply don’t do this.

When I first went online, via AOL, internet access was down the phone line, and metered. There was a high-vis clock in the upper right corner of my desktop, letting me calculate exactly how much I was spending on this newfangled bait - by the minute!

Deep down, I think many of us realise that - despite being agreeably entertained by the game - we could have done rather more with all those hours (or even a portion of them) than we did, in fact, achieve. Like you, I don’t really wish to be reminded of it!

I’m curious, though. Why do you want to know, @wolfstallion? Is it just idle curiosity or do you want to calculate something specific?

Imagine if people were made aware of their lifetime ISK/h ratios.

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Maybe we could have a New Eden encompassing version of such details as well similar to real-world examples:

Just imagine a real-time MER-esque display for Tranquility.

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I think id rather not know how much time i spent on various video games



Good grief, Altara; and you only have - what is it? - three years under your belt?

Lucky I downloaded and installed from the website…!

The Steam numbers are already painful to see, I don’t need to know my total time in EVE. It might cause an existential crisis.

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$34.7 trillion and climbing. Turns out all that “free” stuff isn’t free. Imagine that…

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I’m one of the most active players in the game…across 15 chars, and never AFK.

This is my third account over 10k.

Peak EVE was around 2015, since then it just feel like its gotten worse every year.

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Where do you see that?

My laucher looks like this

It’s from the Steam client not the EVE launcher:

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I easily have over 1k incursion hrs since I started around 2017.

Since WTM started tracking fleet hrs I have like 800? So reasonable to say I have 2k incursion hours LOL

90% of those hours really went to pay plex bill and a few hundred mil to gamble abyssals on.

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I remember (back in the day) many mmos had a backslash chat command for time played. It was nice bit of conversation to say, oh look at this, I play this character for 1,890 hours, 43 minutes, 38 seconds over the last 432 days you have played this game. Then I would remember all the times, falling asleep at the keyboard, leaving my character AFK while I was shopping, or just forgetting to log off. Not incredibly accurate information, but something to talk about I suppose. Since I don’t play on Steam, all of those solutions would never work for me.

Idle curiosity was more wanting to compare this to other games I have large numbers of to see which one addicted me the most

That us too easy for me. My most addictive game is still the original Guild Wars with the Eye of the North expansion. I played it a lot over the years and still do. Odd thing is, the game never went F2P like the sequel did. I laughed my ass off, the day GW2 went F2P, at all those players who shelled out $40 to $60 per module. I admit I must have spent over $300 on the original game, but it is still here, and well worth it.