How to find your character ID? (Solved)

I haven’t been in game for quite some time. However, today I got some nostalgic feeling and I wanted to see how much actually hours I have spent in EVE Online. I found an old post on this forum explaining how to do it but then I came to a problem.

I need to input my character ID. For the love of God please tell me where can I find this, because I have been digging for the past hour on internet and I still have no clue. Here is a picture of a problem.

Thank you for any advice.

Why not simply look it up on zkill …
… as Scipio mentions literally below the post you’ve linked.

I did not understand it like you did. I found out the ID but have problem still finding the time played.

My character.

check your pilot, check the url.

the umber is the id.

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Thank you. @Mina_Therrin

However when I enter the ID now I get an ‘error: authorization not provided’.

Are you.

You need check the ESI links, and ath create an application, as far i understand. You must do that in an account used to spend morney with ESI, neer money accounts, cant regster.

Seek ESI third part forums.

I did not understand the last part.

Yes, my number ID is 94803824. I got that. However, when I put that in the character/stats/character_id box I get the following.

I just need the amount of time I have played. Maybe there is another way…

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Yes, thanks. I did that but I guess it logged out at some point.

Unfortunately, I am getting another error now.

“error”: “token is not valid for any scopes”,

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

Too technical for me.

Check the forum

i assume they will move the topic to that forum.

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Thanks for trying. I moved it right now. Hope this will help. @Mina_Therrin

The point is moot. That endpoint is deprecated and doesn’t include any up to date information. Best you would get is data from between 2013 and 2017.

Didn’t know that. Since I started EVE in 2014. I would argue it’s still good to know. And I also found an old reddit post but I keep getting the error. @Blacksmoke16

When you click Authorize at the top right you need to select the scope for the stats endpoint: Once you do that then you can click Try it Out, paste in your character_id, then hit execute.

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Okay, but where do I ‘select the scope for the stats endpoint’? Whee is the selection option?

After you click Authorize there is a big list of them under the heading Scopes:.

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My apologies if it is obvious, but I don’t see any heading with the name of Scopes.

Well yea, of course you need to log out first if you’re already logged in. As scopes are only used when logging in.

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Yeah, sorry. I saw it know. Going to check.

I must check the desired box (click on) for the scope before clicking authorize. Got it.

Working. Thanks @Blacksmoke16

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