Eve Swagger Error

I’ve used this interface before and gotten it to work, but now when I’m using a new character and trying to get their stats I get:

“error”: “authorization not provided”

Any idea?

the error is clear. authorize the app, then set your Authorization header. https://docs.esi.evetech.net/docs/sso/sending_esi_auth_request.html

I’m using excel and grabbing the data straight from a web query; I’ve used this for market data before but not character data

Presumably market data is available to public, unauthenticated requests. You’ll need a custom app

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But I obtained my client ID & secret token; you would think it would be protected?

Those strings are prerequisites to obtaining an access token but are not themselves the access token. Read through the links in my link

Sorry, but I can’t make sense of it; if my character ID is 1111111 what would the query and web address be?

As you’re doing now https://esi.evetech.net/v4/characters/1111111/location but the key piece you’re missing is the Authorization: Bearer <access_token> header.

See the link @Nicen_Jehr mentioned, https://docs.esi.evetech.net/docs/sso/sending_esi_auth_request.html.

Also in order to GET an access_token you would have to setup an OAuth flow as specified in https://docs.esi.evetech.net/docs/sso/web_based_sso_flow.html.

It is possible to do the OAuth flow outside of Excel, via something like @Steve_Ronuken posted, https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/2017/03/14/using-esi-google-sheets/. However the problem is you would have to manually refresh your access_token every 20min if you couldn’t implement that part in your Excel logic.

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