Can't get character's information from ESI

Hello! Developing my own trading system and wanna catch the character’s orders from ESI.

Now Iv passed OAuth 2.0 for Mobile or Desktop Applications ( flow and got access_token and refresh_token.

Also Iv developed refreshing logic for token from docs esi evetech. It works.

Now Im trying to obtain any information from this example (Sending an authenticated request to ESI | esi-docs) but all time response is {“error”:“authentication failure”}. So Im trying to get a new token with refresh_token, it works, then trying to do blueprints-request again and there is still “error”:“authentication failure”.

There is a screen from Fiddler with my request and header. IDK what am I doing wrong… pls help!

Trying too fast?

Some things on the ESI are not retrieved at the push of a button. Like standings for example. 1 hour refresh rate. So once you call to generate the standings or refresh, must wait an hr before the next refresh

Im not saying that some data is not correct or missing. I can’t retrieve any data from my character, using correct access token. Did u read the topic?)

The most common problem is requesting all scopes, making the JWT too long.
Try request fewer scopes see if that works or not.


Thx 4 idea Ill try it. Its strange cause before the developing application I was trying to get token from ESI site and checked up all the scopes a row and It was working. Anyway now it’s my only decition what to do.

I think I whould ask another one question: is there are any steps after recieving the token whithout witch it will not be valid and will not working? Should I necessary verify it if I not interested in security problems? Now I need just a proof of concept. Iv read other repositories and its look like verification is just an internal process that not affects on SSO to know that it is something wrong with my token.

So yeah. That was the reason. I’ve cut the scopes from all to 5-10 the most important ones for me and now everything is working. Ty very much - I was frustrated for 2 days cause my application was so close to being ready and this error totally messed everythin up and pissed me off.

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