ESi authentication with Postman



I’m trying to call the EVE ESI from [Postman](]. I have successfully configured OAuth2 and can get tokens. The application is configured to support all scopes (which are filled out in my token request). However, when I make a call to a secure endpoint, I always get a 403 error returning a {"error": "authentication failure"}

Note that this is a 403 (Forbidden), not a 401 ( Unauthorized) error code. It seems reminiscent of the issue being described here

Has anyone successfully configured ESI authentication to call the API from Postman?

Many thanks!


That’s your issue, most likely. Don’t do that. Only request scopes you really need.

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You should really read the issue…

Yeah you are probably right. Ignore previous comment.

Thank you, this indeed seems to be the issue. To be clear, I can configure all scopes on the application in the developper portal, but then only specify the scopes I need when I request the token.