Pulling character assets in to excel via ESI

I am working on a spreadsheet to calculate my production. The two main problems I have is being able to extract my character assets i.e. blueprints and wallet transactions.

Can anyone in a simple guide explain how to extract this information through the ESI interface?

I already do this for the market prices etc so I am comfortable with json conversion thanks to Fuzzworks.

Thanks in advance

A simple guide? This is EVE, nothing’s simple here!

There is however a good guide here:
SSO Authentication in Microsoft Power Query

I can testify to its goodness because it worked for me. I got totally stuck only once and the author kindly helped me out.

Thanks it’s very helpful.

I have one questions which you may be able to help with, When requesting the token in Postman is asks me to login through the SSO authentication, once the character is selected it returns to the request token page and does nothing further.

It maybe something to do with the header part

How do you get it to accept it so I can carry on with the procedure?

Thanks in advance


1 just install Evernus

2 and do copy paste from there

I followed the doc on the link but cant seem to get it to work on swagger , https://esi.evetech.net/ui/#/Market/get_markets_structures_structure_id

I get

“error”: “Market access denied”

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