So when trying to pull CHARACTER_INDUSTRY_JOBS it gives me #N/A error but everything else seems to work fine. I have tryed alomost everything I can think of. Anyone else facing this problem? Also in DEV console I get errors shown on screenshot, I dont really know what they mean but tought maybe a little bit smarter person can help me. Thanks!!!

Looks like permission issue.

When yo add accounts to Exceladdin+ you should set permissions for it to various scopes of your account. If you are not sure, remove it and re-add it with setting proper scope permissions.

You can see what scope a function needs by going to ESI Swagger website and checking
Requires the following scope:

Make sure you have the latest version of Exceladdin+, which is atm v1.6.

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All of my characters have esi-industry.read_character_jobs.v1 premission but still I get the error, Maybe something to do with cookies.

Heya, the console errors shown are most likely related to parsing of structures in the cards (in a check when it’s trying to resolved id → where the item is, nothing that unusual)

What would help most is checking what the output is from the ESI swagger.

  1. Login through the Authorize button
  2. Select the scope: esi-industry.read_character_jobs.v1
  3. Go to the industry section, and the jobs command
  4. Click “try it out”, enter your character_id
  5. Send me a DM on discord with the output, if there is any. (@Hundasupa)

That way I can recreate the request in a debug compatible way.

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