So when trying to pull CHARACTER_INDUSTRY_JOBS it gives me #N/A error but everything else seems to work fine. I have tryed alomost everything I can think of. Anyone else facing this problem? Also in DEV console I get errors shown on screenshot, I dont really know what they mean but tought maybe a little bit smarter person can help me. Thanks!!!

Looks like permission issue.

When yo add accounts to Exceladdin+ you should set permissions for it to various scopes of your account. If you are not sure, remove it and re-add it with setting proper scope permissions.

You can see what scope a function needs by going to ESI Swagger website and checking
Requires the following scope:

Make sure you have the latest version of Exceladdin+, which is atm v1.6.

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All of my characters have esi-industry.read_character_jobs.v1 premission but still I get the error, Maybe something to do with cookies.