[Solved] Looking for an example of the status filter for EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_INDUSTRY_JOBS()

As the title says I am looking for an example of how to filter by the status of industry jobs. The function presents industry jobs with active, delivered and cancelled statuses from what I have seen. However, if I am interested in seeing only active jobs I feel like I should be running something like EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_INDUSTRY_JOBS(,active,) as the addin explains that to filter the status we need to use a string, as opposed to a number.


Clearly I am misunderstanding something, so I’d appreciate it if anyone would be able to nudge me in the right direction.

Not a minute after I post this I figured it out. For anyone wondering EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_INDUSTRY_JOBS(,“active”,) produced the results I needed.

Nice you got it resolved, for reference from the esi docs/swagger here are the enums available.

For industry jobs data that is


evetech - get_corporations_corporation_id_industry_jobs

Much appreciated.

I was not aware of this resource.