Issues Loading Excel Add-In

Looking for some help. The excel add-in was working fine for a few days but has since stopped refreshing and the side window now does not render (just grey with no character or function info). I have tried to uninstall and add but it makes no difference. I have tried to clear cache in the browser and excel also with no luck. Any suggestions - I am using desktop Excel for M365 version 2310

Any help much appreciated

Ok resolved it I was clearing the wrong Excel cache before- for reference to fix

  • File → Options
  • Trust Center → Trust Center Settings
  • Trusted Add-In Catalogs
  • Select “Next time office starts, clear all previously started web add-ins cache” check box
  • Restart Excel

Yeah that’s the only way I know besides deleting files in the appdata folders to clear cache properly.

Good you got it resolved