Add-in Crashing?

Starting to see a series of errors where the Add-in suddenly seems to stop responding. After closing and reopening my file a number of times and verifying that characters are logged in it finally gave up the ghosts and showed no characters logged in.

Now I might get one, maybe two characters logged in before the character selection pop-up stops responding completely (likely an ESI issue) before I have to just close the ESI window. Subsequent attempts to log in a character result in “Error 12007 - The operation failed because this add-in already has an active dialog” even though the dialog was closed. Only option is to close the file and try again.

The more I look at it the more it looks like ESI is shitting itself yet again.

Correction. This is a functionality on Mac issue. I moved the sheet over and logged in characters on a Windows computer with flawless execution. This is a Mac/Excel/ESI issue.

We’re going down the rabbit hole now. Getting “Error loading Addins” and Add-in failed to load functions" issues now.

Yeah these point to framework related issues with the Office JS.
I’ll check if the official issue tracker has anything new regarding mac.