Excel ADD-IN Down?

Hi All,

Just curious if the Excel add-in is down for anyone else? It seems that i am able to pull data with formulas such as =EVEONLINE.TYPE() for static data.

However, when I try to pull live-character data such as wallet or even the character listing I receive the N/A’s and #FIELD!'s.

Is this happening to anyone else? Also is there a website that let’s us see the status of back end API in case there is something wrong?



I am getting updates on my Excel spreadsheet. Mostly using the streaming market orders.

Hmm it looks like it’s not pulling any data for me at all. It was fine yesterday though. Even the back up I made isn’t pulling data.

Works fine for me :thinking:

Try this:

  1. Open add-in panel, click anywhere on it, then press Ctrl+F5 to reload it.
  2. If it still refuses to cooperate, click the panel again and in the top right corner of the panel you should see a button with < sign on it. Click it,
  3. then choose “Attach Debuger”.
  4. Check “Disable Cache” box,
  5. and press Ctrl+F5 again.

Hope this helps…

Thank you for this. Unfortunately it has not fixed the issue. I still see this:

Have you tried to re-login? I had strange issue yesterday with my added characters vanishing from the list. Then reappearing again after I logged in.

Yes, I deleted all the characters from the list then re-added them. No luck =(

It’s still down for me, working for anyone else?

Can you try a simple call via the evetech esi site, so you can check if your IP works?


Otherwise you can right click the add-in panel, and hit inspect that will bring up developer tools window where you can use the console tab to see what error the ESI is responding with to your calls.

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