Any details on the new excel integration?

Hi folks:

CCP announcement: The Microsoft Excel add-in is coming! | EVE Online

I am a trader. All I care about is:

Will it have all the market orders in the universe? Or just stuff that only applies to my own api?


spreadsheets in space

Official game news:

Closed up discussion:

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  • Why Excel and not Libreoffice or both?
  • Why Microsoft Store and not freely downloadable? → not everyone has and wants a Microsoft Account
  • Why a plugin at all and not just a simple export UI from within EVE that writes to an openly readable format like CSV?
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It is live now :slight_smile:
(sorry for my scribbles hehe)

Open new/old file, then

(wait a minute for add-in to load up or use left direction button to show tool menu and hit reload)

accept license terms, next login into your account and MFA-it

almost there, now choose your character and authorize access to its data

Now enjoy your info-smorgasbord

Or just click MS Store link:


Done all that, the functions just show #NAME? error, any ideas ?


it only works with a 365 licence not the standalone office packages.


Had hoped to be able to get faction/corp/agent standings

There is some more options in the right pane below your character. Have you looked there?

Is there any feedback/issues threads anywhere I missed?

(notice the extra CHARACTER_ - which causes it to just say #NAME? until manually removing the CHARACTER_ in the function)

same error for .CHARACTER_FITTINGS.

  • when inserting from the Public/Character/Corporation tabs below the character selection/add character.

Doesn’t work in Excel 2021 :frowning:


The plugin installs fine but it doesn’t work correctly, the beta excel, ( EVE_x_MS_Excel-workbook-sample ) doesn’t work either, in character when you try to make it recognize the data it doesn’t.
If someone manages to solve the problem, enlighten us with your wisdom, thanks ^^.

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For me it just works :thinking:

Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2305 Build 16.0.16501.20074) 64-bit

Would you mind posting the formula you are trying to use? Some of them, when you click Try it out are entered with some example data. Like


The first argument may be given char id value, and the second is search string to search in all inventory items. There is even a tooltip when you click formula name in formula box:

There is even official help page

It was advertised today here

How do I get a solar system id for the formules?

As it was mentioned in the thread - it does not work with a standalone version of MS Excel (in my case - 2019 x64).
I get the warning which roughly translates (as i’m running non-english version of Excel) as “This add-on is only supported if you have Office365 subscription. Your Office license is not supported.” And, as i really don’t have Office365 subscription, this is sad.


The only way that comes to my mind is through ESI Swagger Interface
click Try it out

In the value model field enter list of name to search, like that:


Then hit Execute, and the response body field further below should show something like this:

  "systems": [
      "id": 30003788,
      "name": "Intaki"

You can enter any names that show around in EVE Online. Entering this:

  "Elinore en Divalone"

results in this:

  "characters": [
      "id": 1907567787,
      "name": "Damhest"
      "id": 2120819548,
      "name": "Elinore en Divalone"
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Wow this resource is fantastic! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey all!

For those wondering what versions of Microsoft Excel this is compatible with.

Excel custom functions are available on the following platforms.

  • Office on Windows

    • Microsoft 365 subscription
    • retail perpetual Office 2016 and later
  • Office on Mac

  • Office on the web

Excel custom functions are currently not supported in the following:

  • Office on iPad
  • volume-licensed perpetual versions of Office 2019 or earlier
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There is actually a formula for getting solar system id by name :smiley:


you can chain it with another formula to get id for other functions or just enter formula:


to get

This is less cumbersome in use than ESI :thinking:

what about this?