Excell Add-in: PI Data?

Hi, I’ve been exploring the new Excel Add-in and cannot find a way to access PI network information, though that is exposed via the API and authorization for that data is requested when setting up pilots with the add-in. Is this implemented but hard to find, or was implementation put off to a later version?

Thank you!

Would love an update from @CCP on this as to whats happening in this case?

PI data access would be great.

Checking-in. This was the data I was most interested in, and it would be very helpful in managing many PI networks across accounts. Can we at least get an indication as to whether there are any plans to expose PI data? And if so, is there an ETA?

One of the MSFT developers has been in the official EVE Discord channel, may want to ask there as well: Discord Signup: Join the discussion on Discord | EVE Online and EVE Discord - Spreadsheets

Thanks for the tip, I haven’t checked the discord in a while but I’ll go post the same question there.

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