Request to check additional features

  1. Plant search
    In order to establish a PI plan, plant inquiry of the system is required.
    A list of plants belonging to the system is required, and in addition, there must be a list of extractable items for the plant.

  2. Character’s Omega Information
    Since this is character information displayed upon logging in, it would be good to show information about how long the Omega period lasts.

Translator above, original Korean text below

  1. 플랜트 조회
    PI 계획을 세우기 위해서 시스템의 플랜트 조회가 필요로 함
    시스템에 속한 플랜트리스트가 필요로 하고, 추가로 해당 플랜트의 추출 가능한 항목 리스트도 있어야 함

  2. 캐릭터의 오메가 정보
    로그인해서 보여지는 캐릭터 정보이기에 오메가 기간이 언제까지 인지에 대한 정보는 보여 주면 좋을 거같음

I’ll make a ticket to investigate point number 1.
The data we have for planets isn’t very friendly for that kind of thing but maybe it’s possible to link some files and logic together.

In regards to number 2.
Omega information is Account level information which has not been available on the ESI, as it only exposes character level information. So to be able to view that in the addin that would have to be available in the ESI.

There is an old thread in the esi-issues github which discusses how it’s not included, but the short answer is that it’s not available if it’s not a part of the SDE export or the ESI in some way.