Introducing Industrial EVE - A Tool I Made for PI Notifications

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on something for a while and decided to finally share it with you all: a tool I’ve developed called Industrial EVE It’s the first app I’ve ever made, and I designed it to help with Planetary Interaction (PI) notifications without needing to constantly check in-game.

What can Industrial EVE do?

  • Discord Notifications: It sends you notifications about your extractors’ status, so you’re always in the loop. There are three options 24h/12h/when it expires.
  • Multiple Account Management: If you’re managing PI across several characters and accounts you can link them all so you can get notifications for all of them.
  • Automatic Updates: Utilizes EVE Online’s SSO for secure logins and automatic PI data updates.
  • Data Overview: Anytime you want to check in on your PI, you can get an overview through the site.

How it works: After you log in using EVE’s Single Sign-On, you can link your characters and see an overview of your whole PI setup. The site uses EVE’s APIs to pull your data, ensuring it’s up-to-date. To keep things up to date, the system refreshes your PI data daily, and there’s an option to manually update your data if needed (if you made changes for example and you want to see them instantly).

I need to mention that you should log in with each character once a month to keep your data access uninterrupted. This helps in making sure the access tokens are valid, and your PI data is consistently retrievable.

I really hope you find Industrial EVE useful for your PI management. I am an amateur in development so expect to run into problems (hopefully not or not many anyways). I’m all ears for any feedback, suggestions, or questions you might have. Some of my corp mates and I tested it for a while and so far it seems to be working ok. The plan is to slowly add more functionalities if people find it helpful.

Feel free to try it out at and let me know what you think!

Thanks for checking this out, and I hope you find it useful.

Hi all,

The plan was to start implementing new functionalities in the coming days regarding extra notifications for factory expirations and notifications on when launchpad/warehouses are almost full.
I am still actively working on it but the deployment of the new features will be delayed and the scope will change slightly.

Unfortunately, the API provided by Eve Online for Planetary interaction has certain limitations that make the above plan difficult. The data provided by the API is not, unfortunately, real-time. They only get updated with the latest image of your planets when you perform a manual action in the game. This manual action could be you resetting your extractors or taking out outputs or stocking up inputs for your factories.

With the above limitations in mind, it’s clear that there need to be changes in the logic I had created initially for these new notifications. I do believe that I can provide a relatively accurate notification system for factories and launchpads/warehouses for factory planets however planets with both extractors and factories are a different story.

Since I don’t have a reliable way to get the exact quantity of extracted recourses (I only see an average quantity per cycle), I can’t make an accurate prediction for the production of the factories on those planets and for the inventory space left for launchpads/warehouses. For this reason, for now, I will focus on providing a notification system for Factory planets only, and once that is done I will look into what to do for planets that have both Extractors and Factories.

We have released several small updates in the past month.

The majority were bug fixes and stability changes regarding the bot’s behavior.

2 new small features have been implemented in the Planets page of the site. Now you can search anything in regards to the planets shown on the page. You can now also filter the planets based on the Resources and/or Factories you have on your planets.

New filter options will come at a later stage as well as a sorting option and maybe change the view to a list in case it is easier for people with a lot of planets.

The bigger update in regards to timers for factories and storage capacity is still being worked on but that will take time due to its complexity.

Looks very good but not sure the functionality is there yet will keep an eye on it. I pretty much do a import PI to make P4 then export great to be able to see what is in store and that its actually pumping away.

Indeed the functionality to monitor storage and the output volume of factories is not yet implemented.

We do have a beta for monitoring what the colony has in storage, however, we have not released it yet because of the way the API works.

The data that we get from the API is the data from the last time the player interacted with the colony. So if we call the API let’s say 2 hours later we will have the data from 2 hours ago when the player interacted with the colony.

We are still trying to think of how to implement this to make it as accurate as possible.

One solution of course would be for the user to log in to the app after he has made changes to his colony to update the data but that is not 100% user-friendly.

Of course, because of the above, the calculation for the factory output is also gonna be difficult.

Either way, we are still looking into it.

In the meantime, we have introduced several bug fixes and enhancements for the Discord bot as well as for the Planets page for users to search, sort, and filter their planets.

When we have a significant update on the site I will update the thread.