Is there any interest in an "Eve Helper" program? A combined tool that doesn't sit on a website that could go dark anytime?

TL;DR; I’m a developer and every site I used to use went dark or didn’t update so I made my own tool. Is there any interest from anyone else in using this?


Long Version:

Eve veteran. I dabble in industry and planetary interaction from time-to-time to supplement income and when I can be ■■■■■■ to do it. Quit the big alliances because I take large breaks randomly and I got tired of moving my stuff. This time when I came back, I noticed that a lot of tools that people linked to that I used to use have stopped working, stopped updating, or are still web based and could go dark at any time. Tools like Evemus, Evepraisal, Alysii’s PI scheme, eve-industry, etc I know a lot of alliances have resources, planners, spreadsheets galore, but I don’t have access to those anymore.

So I created my own tool. I do full stack development but mostly focus on back-end so my screen design is shitty. And yes, it’s winforms. In my professional life I use MVC and the last thing we used for windows dev was winforms before WPF came out. designs suck, but functionality was all I cared about. So what can it do?

Planetary Interaction it takes Alyssii’s PI scheme for planetary interaction and gives you that info with a treeview you can browse to choose what you want to make. It also gives you a list of planets you need to make said it. This list isn’t perfect. turns out the combinations are pretty weird to figure out.

Solar System Finder Based it on what Evemus used to do in being able to search for systems with certain planet types, but i’ve expanded it a little. This leads into

Solar System Info Everything you need to know about the solar system, including industry activity cost index, planets available, stations available, security, faction, and it gives you a zkill and dotlan link.

Loot Appraisal Replaces EvePraisal which stopped updating because of money. That developers statements on why they had to shut down is a big reason I made this a downloadable tool instead of a website.

Industry This is a big one. It encompasses all job types classified as industry. Manufacturing, invention, reverse engineering, ME and TE. All of it. It also tells you the real cost, including taxes, system cost index, and the real cost of items. Not just (quantity needed * highest buy order/lowest sell), but if you need 20M tritanium, it calculates the cost on the current buy/sell order it would take to fill that order. so if sell order 1 had 5m Trit for 5 isk and then 10M for 5.50 isk and then 20M for 6isk, it would be (5M * 5 + 10M * 5.5 + 5M * 6).

I also let you pick the system your manufacturing in, whether you’re buying the items from buy or sell orders and selling to buy or sell, picking structures, rigs, etc. And then I tell you waht skills you need.

Oh and I let you set defaults so you don’t have to pick it every damn time. That ■■■■ gets annoying.

The best thing though is that you can update it your damn self. No need to wait on me

Let’s say that I take another huge break from Eve because life gets busy and a HUGE expansion comes out. Like oh IDK, CCP finally releasing the Angel Titan. Well obviously, my app wouldn’t have that new item because it’s new and I’m running off of the old version. Well you go “when is overworked_dev going to update the app”. My response would be Do it your Damned self.

Fuzzworks puts out a SQLite format of the static data dump from CCP. He takes the raw yaml files and runs it through a converter, the code for which he’s also put on github if he ever takes a break. You take this SQLite database, drop it in place over the existing one ( default is user documents files → EveHelper → SQLite Files ), reboot the app and voila. It’s updated and now you can see the angel titan manufacturing costs.

Oh and as always, all prices are pulled from ESI so they’re within ~5 minutes. Right now, i have the prices pulling from Jita trade hub but am working on adding in the ability to select which system/station you want to pull prices from.

Couple quick answers to questions you might ask

1.) No, there is currently no way to link your character to this app. I might add it if there’s enough interest. My reasoning is that it adds a lot to the maintenance of the app, which again, if I go missing, would mean it’s broken anyways if there’s any updates.

2.) Are you going to add X feature you would like. Depends on what it is. I plan to add a market browser similar to since it would be pretty straight forward. But if you want a feature that doesn’t involve adding your characters ESI information, then I might consider it.

3.) When can I get my grimy hands on this? IDK honestly. First I want to see if people would use it, second, I have a lot of bug fixing - debugging - and touch ups to do.

4.) Will you ever stop using the archaic technology called winforms because it hurts my eyes? Yes - Eventually I’m going to rewrite it in WPF so it will look like all the shiny new toys, but that will take a while since I’ve never done WPF.

5.) I love this and I want to support it. Who do I send isks to? If you really want this and you want to support me, help me not have to grind things in eve. Send isk to “Freya Partanen”. I would very kindly ask that you wait to donate until I put this out there because if there’s not a lot of “I want this now”, I probably won’t put it anywhere and you would have wasted your isk.

6.) How do we request features? Send an Eve-Mail to “Freya Partanen” in game.

7.) this app is so ugly it makes me want to blow you up. where can I find you? Lurking in high sec somewhere. Come at me.


I like the idea of it being downloadable and be updated through SQLite database so yes, I would use the tool should you make it available.

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