EVE Planetary Planner

EVE Planetary Planner is a small tool I created to have a quick and easy overview of Planetary Interaction in EVE Online.

Planetary interaction is not very complicated by itself.
But it still easy to get lost along the production line, and make mistakes that could cost you, or your corp, millions or billions of ISKs.

The tool can display the complete production line for any product that can be made from Planetary Interaction.
It also display information about the time needed to produce each component needed for the final product.


Now this tool is still under development.
I am adding feature as fast as I can think of them, and implement them.
It is also possible that there are still a few bugs that I missed in all my testing.

I will update the News section when I do modifications to the tool.
So be sure to check it from time to time.

If you find any bugs, or inconsistencies in the data, please leave a message in this topic.
I will come read it often and try to fix the bugs as soon as possible.

Please note that this tool is still under heavy development.
I have LOT of ideas for it that I will implement as soon as I can.

Also, Planetary Interaction is still under development by CCP.
It is subject to changes in the future.
But I will adapt the tool when such change occur.

You can get the tool here.

The old topic


I have a new version coming out probably this weekend.
I made some improvements to calculating cost/profit.

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I uploaded a new version of the redesign.
I have improved the way profit is calculated when you decide to produce/buy parts of the production chain.
Now when you select ‘Buy’, anything behind it will be hidden from the tree to make it clear that you are not buying that.
And in the Product Data window, the change on the Average Profit is immediately updated. (You need to fetch the region prices first by configuring the Prices settings Tools tab)
Check below the screenshot to see the difference.

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I have been really busy lately, and it looks like it is not going to change anytime soon.
Familly and Job are still a priority.

Long story short, CCP changed the format of their News page that I was parsing and that caused the tool too crash.

After investigating a bit, I found a reliable way to get the EVE News without parsing involved.
For good measure I also added the Dev Blog news.
I improved the reliability of the ticker so it would not blow up if the news are not available anymore in the future again.

I also implemented the About popup.

I will see if I can get some work done on the tool during the holiday. I might be able to complete a feature or two.

I still love this tool and do not want to let it rust away.

Hello Ideki. I just downloaded you planetary planner but I dont get it to work since the API Keys are requestet. I found out, that CCP introduced a new system that works with different keys. Does that mean that your tool can no longer be used.

Yeah I found out about that too.
I am doing some heavy work on the Planets Plan at the moment to smooth a lot of issues there.
When that is done, I will take a look at the API issue.
I should have it ready in a couple of days at most.

So I spent most of the day on the ESI.

Got to say that while it is a nice API for anonymous data (the tool has been using it for quite some time now to get Market data), getting it to work with authentication in WPF is not the most straight forward nor nicest thing…

I managed to get the Authentication to work.
But it looks like the CCP EVE Online authentication website does not work well on the WPF WebBrowser as it throws some script exception and has some layout issue.

I managed to silence the exceptions, but the layout there is nothing I can do about it.

As a result, it looks like someone is trying to get your credentials for nefarious purpose…

I am not sure how people are going to react to that.

But as I said, there is nothing I can do about it on my side.
So tomorrow I will continue to work on the API and try to get the information I was getting before from it.

CCP, the ball is yours.

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Thank you for your work and all the time you invested. I’m currently designing excel-spreadsheets for personal use. I want to get quick informations on the state of productions. What is extracted, to what the commodities are refined in the first stage and which products are made from the refined materials. Most important for me is to know, which materials are missing so I can supply them from other planets. I think it is an immense waste of time when refining or manufacturing stops because the plants runs out of materials.

Hey Gerry,
There is a part of my tools that used to handle that.

It is called the ‘All in One’.
It would run simulations based on the current settings and tell you how much you would produce/waste.

This part is offline for now while I am working on the new version.

I hope to have it available again soon.


Version is available.

You can’t say I did not keep my word this time.

So here is the list of things I fixed/improved in the latest version:

  • Improved many UI elements layout
  • Improved Collapse/Expand handling for UI elements
  • Removed trash icon, replaced with a red remove icon in the top-right corner for planets/structures
  • Added support to drag the production plan and planet plan directly with the mouse (in case you find the scrollbars to be too small). Just click on the plan background and move it around.
  • Full ESI API support. You will need to set again your api credentials since the authentication mechanism is completely different now. Also, do not be alarmed by the weird looking browser UI, it’s the way it shows in a WPF WebBrowser. Nothing I can do about it. But at least is works!
  • The planet plan is now loaded from the ESI API. (Note: I could not fully test the accuracy because PI is now reserved for Omega and I do not play as Omega at the moment. Also, the ESI API is cached to 10 minutes, so you might need to wait a few minutes for your ingame changes to appear on the API)
  • The load Planet Plan from API popup will now automatically close when the loading is done.

As usual, if you find any issues, you can contact me ingame, or here on the forums.

I’ll try to fix some of the other issues I have on my list as well as a couple of features that have been disabled by the end of my vacation.

Just to make sure you are aware. The characters/{character_id}/planets/{planet_id}/ endpoint (assuming you use this one) will only be updated when you visit that planet in game. So people who are asking why it isn’t accurate that would be why, its an ESI thing not something that can be fixed in this tool.

Yes, it works that way.
You have to visit the planet and wait the 10 minutes caching.

Long time ago I created a thread regarding several needed improvements for PI.
Never got a real answer from CCP.
So wait and see on that unfortunately.

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Version is out.

Fixed an issue that could cause a crash sometime when expanding a planet.

Slightly increased the width of the Factory structure to be able to show its full name.

Fixed an issue that could cause Multi-Routes to appear after the structures they link instead of in-between.

Routes should now align properly with their highest linked structure. No more tangled lines!

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The All In One is actually a feature that allows you to update all your extractors across all planets in 1 convenient place instead of opening/closing each planet individually.

The Planets Data is the tool that run the planets until exhaustion and tell you how you are producing/wasting.

It has been too long since the last time I have used/worked on those features because I had many things to fix for the Beta first.

Today I’ll take a look at the Planets Data to see if it is still working. From what I am looking at, it’s UI needs a small update too.

Happy New Year and Fly Safe.

Version 8.1.02 is out.

Fixed a layout issue on Planets

The Product Data window should not open automatically anymore if it was closed when the EVE Planetary Planner is closed

The Drag corner is gone! The following windows/popups can now be resized directly from their borders/corners:

  • EVE Planetary Planner main window
  • Planets Data
  • Warning / Error
  • Register API

Fixed a bug that could cause the settings to not load is the pln file fails to load.

Fixed a bug that caused the routes loaded from the API to reset their quantity to 0 if the extractors do not have a quantity set.

Fixed a bug causing some planets to be beyond the scroll bar bottom when expanding/collapsing planets.

Expanding a structure will now bring it to the front so its content does not get overlapped by other structures.

Version is out.

Fixed some layout issues in the Tools tab.
Fixed a bug leaving the list of Regions empty when starting the tool the first time.
Fixed an issue with a missing dll when trying to add an API.
Added support to update the planet Products icon when changing an Extractor/Facility product.
Fixed an issue with the Planets Plan scrollbars not appearing when needed.
Improved API Market data loading.
Updated Systems.xml to include NPC stations.

Beta 8.1.5 is available.

Increased height of Time control for Duration Until Next on the Tools page so we can better see the numbers.
Slowed-down the loading of Market data until I fix an issue with how the data is loaded to avoid an Exception.

Fixed a couple of minor bugs and layout issues.
Silenced the javascript warning during the ESI API Authentication.

Added a brand new feature: Market History
You can access it through the Aura menu at the bottom of the tool:

![Aura menu](upload://baQYoKb6rwaUlr0yJ8F70XKlXrK.png

It will then open the following popup:

![Aura menu](upload://6AKBAFozX1xPS5a9y4ZH6SqP7uX.png

There you can select the component you want to lookup.


  • The components are limited to what the tool is using by default. Meaning that if you changed your version of the PlanetaryInteraction.xml, you will not see what you added in the Market History.
  • The Market History is collected automatically daily, but as it runs from my personal computer, if I do not start it in the morning, it is possible the data might not be collected, or late, for a day. For example if I go on vacation.
  • The data is available at the System , Region and Universe level. For Universe, leave the Price In field empty
  • At the universe level I am showing the lowest Sell, highest buy price. But I am not sure the information is actually useful. So feedback would be welcomed. If you think there is a better range you would prefer (ex: average of Sell vs average of buy), you are welcomed to discussed it here.
  • You can mouse over the chart and the related data for the day will show underneath.
  • I will cover a period of 1 year. Right now there is not much data because I started the collection just some time ago.

8.2.1 is now available.
Fixed a connection Issue when getting Market History data.

I just found this tool and it looks promising. However, my vision is horrible and I need to be able to move the window to another screen and back frequently, and I need to be able to turn off the transparency of the windows. It would also help to be able to use higher contrast colors. Are any of these things configurable?