Introducing Planetary Interaction Tools website

Hi everyone.

I’ve created this siteweb after realising that some of my alliance mates had troubles finding an “all in 1 tool” for Planetary Interaction.
Design is inspired by Alysii’s PI Scheme (Alysii's PI Scheme) and PI Helper (

My idea was to merge the interesting and goodlooking Alysii’s Scheme with the usefullness of PIHelper, and also, and most of all recreate Eve Planet, which could let people search System’s production possibilities, which seems to be no more online.

On top of that i’m adding a third “module” called “Setup Builder”, which let people try setups and see if it would fit with Planet radius, links, and skill level calculations.
No production management though, (for now ?) as there are already some tools created by others doing it.

So this website is offering 3 tools :

  • Commodities Relations : Displays Inputs and Outputs of Commodities, Actual JITA Sell prices, Amount of inputs needed.
  • System Checker : Displays what a chosen solar system can produce.
  • Setup Builder : CPU, PowerGrid, and ISK calculator for planetary Setups. (Under rework with revamp)

EWT - Planetary

Let me know what you think about it.
I would be very glad to have feedbacks, ideas, suggestions, bug reports, performance feedbacks, and such !
Don’t hesitate !

Thanks for reading ! :blush:


  • Design revamp to better suits my website’s different tools
  • Setup Builder is under a rebuild as well, but it takes more time. (IRL and all)
    → Canceled for now until further notice

Changes made (might not be accurate since v2 released) :

  • Text color ajusted
  • Display animation for System Checker tweaked to avoid confusion
  • Responsive layout for 1st module finished (768px to 1280px)
  • Layout changed for “Connected Systems” so that it won’t prevent some smaller screen to be able to click on the “Check” button.
  • Background color slightly darkened for better contrast.
  • See Commodities relations in the System Checker module after a result the same way than in the Commodities Relations module (simplified)
  • Added a button to switch from normal color Mode to ‘more contrasted’ color Mode. It changes background to slightly darker and ressource’s colors to more vibrant versions.
  • Planets will now have a different color if P2 or P3 can be produce in that planet exclusively

Looks lovely, though the white text on light brown background is difficult to read.

I like the system checker a lot! Did notice a little lag though, where you might wanna add a loading animation to avoid confusion.

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I don’t do PI and I don’t think I ever will but if I did, I’d use this. I think.

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Text color changed.
Fade In & Out tweaked, so that users won’t be seeing lists changing anymore.

Thank you for this ! :slight_smile:

First class piece of work, thank you very much !

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I really like it, all functionality on one screen, even the prices. GZ man!

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Nice - well done - and thanks a lot for taking the time to make this!

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  • Added a button to switch from normal color Mode to ‘more contrasted’ color Mode. It changes background to slightly darker and ressource’s colors to more vibrant versions.
  • Planets will now have a different color if P2 or P3 can be produce in that planet exclusively
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First of all I’d like to thank you for your work on it…

But I got issues with setup simulation tool, the setup is hard to get done mostly as things won’t just be click ‘n’ drop like in-game therefore I gave up on trying to do that -and that was just before setting links & routes- you might want to change that ^^ -or maybe I’m doing something wrong, no idea which is it-

No, thank YOU for being thankfull. :smiley:
I’m very glad it helps people !

I’m not quite sure what you are talking about with the Setup Builder.
To add a factory, you have to click on its icon from the list on the right.
It will appear on the top left corner of the chosen planet background.
From there, you can click the added factory, hold down mouse button and move it around to position it according to your liking.

Once 2 or more factories have been added, you can link them together.
To do so, click on the “Create links” button (at the bottom of the list).
The mouse cursor will change to show that you are in “create links mode”.
To start a link, click on the first factory (simple click, don’t hold down), then, simple click on the second factory you want the first to be linked with !
You can create multiple links as long as the create links mode is active and you have the factories to do so.
Once you’ve finished creating link, you’ll need to deactivate “Create links mode” by clicking again to the icone to the left.
A tooltip “Create link is ACTIVE” should be displayed when “Create links mode” is active, and should stop displaying when it’s deactivated.

Let me know if it helped.


Yes it did thanks I realized I was screwing up, thanks mate :slight_smile: if you need a spanish version I’d gladly help!

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Thank you for reopening @ISD or @CCP <3

Since i had multiple mails in game, i asked for this thread to be reopened so that i can inform about my updates here and receive feedbacks.

Please don’t hesitate to give those feedbacks, they are precious and will help me make the tool even better if need be.

With some delay : “Pochven update” is now displayed in the tools.

Just a big thank you to @Abbie_Rova for showing off my website yesterday on TIS. <3

oh gosh, this looks good, but I have no idea how to use it

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. :slight_smile:

How do you remove something once it’s been placed in the Setup Builder?