Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction

Check out this dev blog for information on changes to planetary interaction that are coming with EVE Online’s summer expansion, Into The Abyss.



New art assets for facilities look nice. Also +1 for the QoL improvements. Less clicks means less carpal, means more participation, means cheaper PI.


The most practical way to reduce the number of clicks is to allow us to save layouts. The most time consuming part should be researching what to produce and the most efficient way to do so, not setting up extractors, etc.


Just something you can thing about if you’re looking to reduce the # of clicks when managing your colonies.

I doubt these changes will make much impact on the PI market.


Few ideas which seems to lead to a big improvement with both colonies setup and management.

One more : could it be possible to have two simple undo and redo buttons near the submit / cancel buttons in order to automatically undo last action or reapply it ?

I think it could be even more cool than a simple decomission button :stuck_out_tongue:

Even more, provide an action history which allow the user to back at step 4 of his building action while he’s on step 25.


Quite sad all these changes are ‘cosmetic’ rather then actual meat and bones of it all. Sure this will help in setup but it makes no real changes to the system itself.

No unlimited extraction cycle or button to refresh all extractors? No changes in capacity for any storage mods? No tweaks to anything?


Hey. Are any of the devs working on this in Slack or Discord?

But anyway. I run factory planets. I’m at 250 of them currently.

I basically have to update them every 12 hours. That’s 30 clicks per planet. So it’s what, 15 thousand clicks per day?

Please increase the storage capacity of Launchpads and/or Customs Office. 12-hour cycles are NOT fun.


Thank you for the improvements and changes! These look great, and I appreciate that some time is being put into these.

One minor thing that would be another great change would be to improve the extraction time setting UI. Even hash marks for common times, like 24 hours, 48 hours, etc, would be a nice improvement to avoid “dialing in” the extraction time. It would also be very nice to have a “global” extraction time set for a planet so I can set a common time for all my ECUs in one go without having to go to each one.


We have actually changed this window a little. Can’t believe I forgot to mention it! You can see it in one of the gifs. The slider is better, but will not have the marks you have suggested, we looked at it, but it did not really work. The slider should act nicer though. Once this gets to Singularity, have a shot and let us know what you think.


This pass was just for UI/UX. There are some areas we would love to change on a gameplay side, but we would need to bring in more people for that. All these changes were small changes that a single programmer could handle when we had time.


@CCP_Claymore That’s outstanding- can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for your response, and again, thanks for all the effort on this. I for one, really appreciate that you guys are working on this, listening to us, and continuing to refine the UI.

Also, thanks for popping in on the forums! :slight_smile:


Nope, none of us are in the Slack or Discord.

We will not be changing any capacities in this pass.

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Came here to specifically post this.

Some things that would help in this case managing PI .

  • Multi select with drag and select the amount we want of all select. (this one would help in a lot of things in EVE)

I move 8 types of materials to 6 planets, all same amount, but I still have to select and input amount 8 times each type of material to ship and do that 6 times to each planet, it would also help moving from the custums office to planet becasue I only move half at the time so it’s more 8 times selecting amount of matetials in 6 planets each time again.

  • To have a default extract time option selected by us, for everytime we decomission a extractor and move to a new location.
  • Asking a move extractor option would be to much ??? We could have a move option , the heads would come back to default location around extractor , we move the extractor, link will follow, (seeing PG needed by distance would help) and we would only need to select heads position again.

Having spend a great amount of my EVE time doing mostly PI as of late, when my ISD duties allow it, with 2 characters each with 6 planets, with setups for 10-11 planets extracting Raw materials and making it into P2 products and 1 planet for importing P2 and making P4 products.
Just my P2 to P4 Planet would still require at least 550 clicks with the changes coming to PI (this is with Command Center, 22 Factories, 4 Storage and 1 Launch Pad). Every time I want to change the P4 product I have to do about half that many clicks (about 300) again.

I for one would greatly appreciate any improvements that would reduce the # of clicks needed in managing the colonies when it is up and running. I usually use 24h cycles on Extractor(s). I do appreciate these QoL changes coming in Into the Abyss


Could you change factory structures to give them upgrade options? So instead of placing 6 factories you can just upgrade a single factory to its 6th tier?


I apologize if I missed this feature in the list of UI changes, but definitely need a “restart all extractors”, so that you don’t have to twiddle through each planet and each extractor to restart them, one by one, after the extraction period is done.

Also, when you get around to actually fixing the various PI capacity numbers, please do something about the “lauch rocket” capacity. Currently, it is utterly useless.

Thank you.


Such suggestion is already in the Little things / Small QoL thread


Failure to remove the blue building holograms means this is a total failure from my perspective. The blue buildings are stupid, ugly, and only get in the way. They serve zero purpose, provide no visual information, obscure my view of my icons and make selecting them sometimes impossible.

I don’t care about the clicks. They don’t bother me. In fact, nothing else in PI bothers me but the blue buildings.


These drive me nuts as well, but there is the note about them fading when creating links. That’s definitely a step in the right direction when you have pins that are vertically oriented.

I would support their complete removal, but I’m OK with this change.

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