Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Kachiko Sama) #720

SUGGESTION: split cyno beacons from event sites and static points of interest on overview
KEYWORDS: overview

Cynos are a fundamentally different thing from event sites and points of interest and should not share an unsplittable overview category.

(Kachiko Sama) #721

SUGGESTION: split porpoises and orcas in overview settings
KEYWORDS : overview

orcas and porpoises are different enough to warrant being splittable on overview. ( I think this is the only case where 2 ships that use different rig sizes are unsplittable)

(Hirmuolio Pine) #722

Suggestion: Tell how long one fuel cycle is for upwell structure services
Keywords: Upwell structures, structure services, fuel

When you look at upwell structure service fuel usage it tells how much fuel it uses per “cycle” (Service Module Fuel Cycle Need). But nowhere does it say how long a cycle is.

It would be good if it said that one cycle is one hour. Changing the attribute name to “Service Module Fuel Hourly Need” would fix it.

(Terranid Meester) #723

Suggestion: Add Omega symbol next to skills in the ‘Requirements’ tab in the ‘Show Info’ window of modules and ships
Keywords: UI, Account
Note: If you look up a skill, you can see whether it is an Omega skill in its info window such as cloaking, yet it would be easier to see Omega skills for an item if the Omega symbol were next to the skill in ‘Requirements’.

(AllMappedOut) #724

Suggestion: Group skins by type
Keywords: SKINs, UI, UX
Note: Better user experience when browsing SKINs

As per the above, SKINs get grouped in funky ways, which makes it terrible to scroll through. SKINs should be grouped by SKIN name, rather than racial SKIN group (eg: Gallente Glacial Spirit, etc).

(Evaldia) #725

First of all I’d like to apologize if this has already been mentioned. I also don’t know if this is among the “QoL” changes coming in near future expansion/patch (with the stuff mention in the FanFest 2018 Keynote).


Set Input/Output destinations on Extractor/Factory rather than for the extracted/produced material itself.

Keywords: PI QoL, Extractor(s), Factory(ies), Optimization (less clicking)

Notes: Reduce amount of clicking when managing your Planet Colonies.
At the time of writing this, whenever you first pick a Raw Material or when you change the Raw Material to extract, you have route the extracted/produced material(s) to a destination (Storage or Factory). This must be done every single time you either change material you want to extract or whenever you change Schematic in your Factories. As any PI Veteran knows, this involves a lot of unnecessary clicking.

Instead (of the above), make routing be tied to and between Extractor, Storage and/or Factory (with support for multiple Source/Destination).

As an added bonus, could make Factories do a “Take All” or “Take None” check before starting it’s production, so that you don’t waste potentially valuable PI commodities when switching Schematics


Facilities used: 1 Extractor, 2 Storage (“Warehouse” and Launch Pad) and 3 Factories

Let’s say that you route Extractor 1 to Storage 1, and in Factory 1,2 and 3 you have set Storage 1 (Warehouse) as “source” and routes output to storage 2 (Launch Pad). Then regardless of which material the Extractor is extracting it will always route it to Storage 1, and regardless of the Schematic used in Factory 1,2 and 3 they will always gather material(s) from Storage 1 and route product to Storage 2.

Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction
(Evaldia) #726

@CCP_karkur not sure if you remember all the suggestions from the old Forum thread, so here are a few of my previous suggested :wink:

Suggestion: Table Style “Targets”
Keywords: UI, Customization
Notes: Limit the width of “Targets” display, but possibly 2-3 rows instead of just 1.
“Targets” as they are working now is a single row. What if you could limit the width of the row and have multiple rows. Imagine playing on a small monitor and flying a ship that could lock 10-ish targets (like the Noctics is capable of), the screen will fill up your entire screen pretty quick. Some may even become hidden behind/overlap other UI elements like Current System Info, Chat windows etc.

Originally posted on old forum here

Suggestion: Borderless Maximized Window - [Display mode]
Keyword: Display, Laptop, Multiboxing
Note: Would be great addition for any Laptop user.
Display mode similar to “Fixed Window” but allows the Windows task-bar to be visible and accessible without the need to Alt-Tab.

Originally posted on old QoL forum thread here and discussed here

(Zetakya) #727

Suggestion: Add the Moon Ore types that Moon Goo is obtained from to their info pane.

Keyword: Moon, Goo, Reactions, Industry

Reason: All the Minerals have lists of what Ore produced that mineral in their info pane. The Goo should have the same information (including clickable links).

(Valentine King) #728

Suggestion: Simplify fit renaming in Fittings window
Keywords: UI, fittings, rename, fit
Note: Reduce a long winded UI process to something simpler

Okay - so you got the link for that shiny bling fit from your Alliance and you have just saved it for your Corporation in your fittings. But, hang on - the name saved is different to the posted fit name and you want to change it to something more identifiable…

At present, you highlight the fitting, click ‘Save As’, change the name, then click on ‘Save’, then the box pops up to ask if you want to save for your character or Corp, then you click on your choice and then the fitting is saved, but the original is still there under the original saved name…so then you have to highlight and delete that original fit.

Can’t we just have a function where we highlight an existing fit, right click and choose ‘Rename fitting’ - located just above ‘Delete fitting’? Surely this has to simplify the whole process?

(zinner Antollare) #729

Suggestion: Add “sort by” option to Jump Clones.
Keywords: UI, Jump Clones, sorting
Note: Better overview of clones.

When choosing a jump clone in the character sheet I get a bit confused about the order they are arranged. Especially if I have renamed them. They seem to be sorted by system name as it is now, but the system name is long into the whole clone text.
I would like to be able to sort by either the first letter in the text. E.g. clone named “alpha” located in Rens would be listed before “bravo” in Jita.
If we also could get an option like in the Personal assets where we can choose number of jumps, Name or System would be great.

If sorting is not possible could you make fixed slots for the clones so they don’t move if I jump to another system

(zinner Antollare) #730

Suggestion: Add “switch clone” in Clone bay window.
Keywords: UI, Jump Clones,
Note: Add “switch clone” button in citadels Clone Bay window

Is it possible to add an option to switch to clone while in Clone bay window.
Would be less clicking, and makes it easier to not jump to a different station/citadel by mistake.
The button could e.g. be located on the side of Destroy clone button

(Wilm0rien) #731

Suggestion: Show all activities of PI Facilities in one list
Keywords: ui, PI
Note: Sometimes you left a planet with an extractor which is not running or which is running but not routed. It would be helpfull to see all extractor states in one list. Same applies for storage and launchpad fill status.

(Ayu Kasenumi) #732

Suggestion: Add a “deliver to” field on the contract window (courrier contract)
Keywords: UI, contract

A lot of players in the nullsec alliances use alts to buy stuff on trade hubs, then we usually use a Transport corp to courrier that stuff towards our main staging. Once the contract is completed, we have to log in the alt and contract it to our main.

The idea here is to reduce the number of operations required to deliver the items to the main character by adding a “deliver” to field on the contract UI, so that once the contract is completed the items are delivered to the character we selected.

(Vokan Narkar) #733

Suggestion: Better way to show reinforced timers. Either put the exact time into calendar or show the time the reinforcement is actually finished in D:H:M format in parenthesis when clicking on citadel.
Keywords: timers, structures, calendar
Note: It is not that easy to recalculate the exact time from the current way the timers are shown ei. “reinforced 1day 8hours 12minutes 36seconds (from now)” very often I have it wrong by ±1 hour, it is enough we have to calculate our zone time with eve time too so any way of making this more simple would be welcome. Wouldn’t need to recheck all citadel timers in case one of my friends or me myself calculated it incorrectly.

(Vokan Narkar) #734

Suggestion: Revamp kill rights tab. Add way to sort it, by time, by price, by name, add search feature too.
Keywords: kill rights, character sheet
Note: Currently the kill right tab is a mess, it is sorted completely randomly, it is hard to navigate in it especially when you gather more of them. This tab needs lot of improvements.

(LonelyKnight) #735

Suggestion: add an alert that the asteroid is over?
Note: Is it possible to add an alert that the asteroid is over? during the extraction of drones …

(AllMappedOut) #736

Suggestion: Ability to overheat whilst cloaked

Keywords: gameplay, overheating

Note: Replicate ability to change modes in T3D
Given that a T3D can change modes whilst cloaked on gate, we should be able to preoverheat modules prior to breaking cloak. This would bring a meaningful way to, for example, bust through gate camps, or provide maximum firepower from a fleet, etc.

(Nocobo) #737

Suggestion: module in the high slot to scan the loot of the wreck

Keywords: loot,module,

Note: some pve ships have empty high slot (not need nosf or drone link), and when destroy target maybe instant scan wreck for see loot.

(Jorj Harkonnen) #738

Suggestion: Ability to select several items and shift drag and select amount to move
keywords: UI, PI, Hauling, Industry, Managing hangars, …

Note: Useful in almost everything in Eve

(Vokan Narkar) #739

Suggestion: Ability to start a stack split into trading screen.
Keywords: QoL, player trading window, stacking.

Note: Currently, holding shift and moving item on another player to begin trade just puts full stack there.