Proposed PI changes

Planetary Interaction

Planet facility setup:

  • To be possible to save facility setup and with one click to create it (same like ship fiting).
  • Setup to have all facilities, there productions preset, links and routes.
  • And of course to be possible to share it with other characters (same like ship fit)

If I make Robotics and want to switch to Gel-Matrix Biopaste I have to change all the facilities setup. It is possible to be one clock change. At the moment if I want to switch I need 4-5 days to make the setup to all the planets (20+ planets).
Will be easier to switch from one material to another.


  • Programming duration to have some sticky slots on every 12h. When I move the Extractor control unit I start it every time for 24h and I have to click + or - to meka it exact.
  • Extractors can have preset formation (same like scanning probes) and can save last used formation if it was moved from the player.
  • To be possible to lock Extractors and to move them together (same like scanning probes. Can be moved one by one and all together).

With this changes will be more easy to switch between different material and the market prices will be more balanced.


Oh yes please! Carefully placing each one of them is just THE most annoying part of PI

Can we also have a “restart all extractors” button somewhere on planet view?


On one hand presets sound nice.

On the other, while shareable presets sound nice, the setup phase of PI is the only thing that costs sometime for this otherwise near passive activity. I’m not sure we need to make this lazier to set up.

Also it may be better if you make your setup based on the layout of the planet. That’s what I do at least.

Why do extractor times have to be 12 hours exact or a multiple? What’s wrong with for example 13?

I’m not sure if such a change is going to be of any use for players, except maybe for players who want to have an exact multiple of 12 for some reason.

May I suggest cycles of a multiple of 24 plus a couple of hours? That way you aren’t required to reset your heads at the exact same time each day for optimal pulls.

Next point, why would you want presets for extractor heads? I can at least understand presets for the facilities, but extractor heads?! Placement of those things depends on planet, place and time! Your formation of today is sub optimal next week. This sounds like a useless feature to me to be honest. Same for locking extractor heads.

A facility placement preset is something I can support. The rest? No.


I usually set the extractor to be in range of 2-3 material spots. Usually I make the same pattern and I move them from one sport to the other every day. When you have 20+ planets and every day move tha extractor heads one by one in the same formation to the next sport is just time consuming. Just will be nice if the player can move all the heads together. And to have the option to unlock them and to adjust 1-2 heads if needed.

i’m ok with that. Just every time I want to be the same time not to click + and - to make it. Again if is only few planet is ok but when are 20+ again is just time conuming.

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I wish a “stand by” mode for extractors, instead of removing them. So f.ex. u could make use of the powrgrid/cpu for juicing up production for a periode.

Effort vs payout.

I have 36 planets but do not chase new hotspots. Twice a week I reset extractors and if I notice hotspots have significantly changed I reorder my extractor heads specifically to fit the pattern of that moment, which in my case is never something I could use a preset for. So I don’t understand how extractor head presets could beof any use.

You reset daily and chase hotspots. That’s fine, but I do think it’s fair if that extra effort isn’t automated.



All good suggestions!
Thank you! :heart:

CCP, are you paying attention??

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great ideas!

@Gi_Scar All great suggestions!

I’d also like to add:

  • A button in the PI window to open the specific planet POCO
  • A button in the PI window to ‘restart’ a planet if it has extractors

@Gerard_Amatin While rewarding senseless grinding may sound reasonable imho it’s extremely poor marketing decision… and as of late, from what we see, something CCP is moving away from.


Interesting. I haven’t got into P.I yet. Don’t know if it’s worth all the time and effort and it looks and sounds very complicated.
I’m still trying to figure out how to fit my ship correctly. So many modules, it’s confusing.

1 acc with 3 characters can manage 18 planets. Is 30-40 min a day to restart the planets and you can maкe 1.5-2b a mounth. And with the chenges this 30-40 min can go down to 10-15 a day.
About setup and chenging end product, profit can go up with 20% depends from the market demand.

@Gi_Scar Okay. Thank very much for the info.

You can already make it 10-15 a day yourself, by not fiddling with your setup daily, but only resetting.

If you want to squeeze out a little more profit for much more effort, that’s up to you, but don’t ask CCP to automate that extra effort for free extra profit.

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Why we save ship fit. it is automation. We showd have to fit the ship every time by memory and not with multiple ship fit at the same time is soo nooby to have something automated.
Is the same fot scanning probes. Soo nooby to move them all together we have to move them one by one like years back.

PLS think before you post something.

CCP need to add IQ test before ppl can post in the forum. With minimum requirement 100 :wink:

As I said, the factory setup is not something I’m against, it’s all the other parts of your suggestion.

And thanks for the insult, I just don’t think it applies to me as I did read you post well and you missed the point when responding to mine. :wink:

I have 30 planets and I do PI for last 6 years without interruption. When you do that will understand is time consuming and clickin without meaning and purpose. It’s a waste of time.

I have 36 planets and also agree it is a waste of time how you do PI.

Try not to adjust your extractor heads daily. And if you do, adjust them based on the current layout of the planet resources, any extractor head presets will be useless for that.

So really, just remove all this pointless placing and resetting full stop.

My sensors can see where the deposits are, why do I have to place my extractors manually? Cant I just set “Place for best yield” and hit a button?


There’s an optimal flow that you should be aiming for. Less than that and you’re not getting the max out of the planet, more than that and you’re overdepleting the source (which will cause you to lose resources and/or force you to move the extractor heads too soon resulting in the need for more micromanagement and tedium over time).

Having a button to restart the extractors outsode of PI mode will save you 7 clicks (opening the planet, turning it to where the extractors are, click and double click to open the extractor menu, clicking the ‘Start Extraction’ and then click ‘Submit’ to save the changes). The question here is whether these 6 clicks contribute to the emergent gameplay PI is; do they for you?

I dont do PI as its already a clicky draggy mess. I do make plenty of money reselling PI others cannot be bothered moving though, so really Ive already eliminated the grinding.

Its wierd though, you say CCP are moving away from grinding but they just introduced new requirements in BPs for PI meaning that even more low impact farming will be done, though if prices rise I guess its quids in for PI farmers and haulers like me, yarr boo sucks to be a manfucturer with few farms though.