Planetary Interaction Weather pattern predictions for future forecasting and stuff

So are there any plains in place for like the Gas, (Oceanic) ect, ect, Planets to have the materials move around like they would in RL as nothing in RL is static and everything is changing at all times I’m wanting to know if CCP has any plains in place to make this a reality? I personally think this would help immersion into the world of EvE.

New skills would be cool as well: “Meteorology”(Gas/Storm PI), “Geology”(Barren PI), “Oceanography” (Oceanic/ICE PI) “Volcanologist” (Lava PI), “Plasmoid” (Plasma PI), Temperate not sure on this one maybe combined effects of these other skills to get a read on what will happen for it. What do you think CCP?

Before such things are remotely considered, I think PI needs to be made somewhat less tedious first, as far as the user interface is concerned.

Actually, your idea would increase tedium. If that kind of thing is to be considered, ISK/hour ratio would need to go up as compensation.

Honestly, I’d settle for an interface update.
Click-fests get real tiresome after a while.

You’re missing a biological category - call it biomes - and use that one for temperate.
However, what exactly would these new skills do that the planetary scanning skills won’t?

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Mineral and metal deposits don’t “move around” with the weather. And if it’s realism you are wanting, it would be on the timescale of millions of years…

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It would be for prediction of where the materials would move to, but no guarantee that would happen, but the skills would give a better indication of where it may go

Here is a great example of the RL weather storms moving!
Voyager 1 to Jupiter
Great Red Spot
as is it would keep going with no outside interference, but once you put extractors in the path of that storm it would be a kind of interference to a storms natural state enough interference and eventual dispersal would occur, also these storms move a lot fast in RL then you think!

It’s been a while since I looked at my PI, but don’t the ‘hot spots’ already move around a bit?
I distinctly recall moving my extractors around looking for better places to collect.

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Atmospheric and possibly liquid based resources may move around, but most geological resources are pretty static. I cant imagine an iron ore deposit up and relocating to a different region on the world.


Deposits deplete and respawn elsewhere on the planet all the time. How long this takes depends on the number of players harvesting the resource so you are competing with other players for the resource whether you see them or not.

The planetology and advanced planetology skills are equivalent to the geology skill proposed. They make it a lot easier to find rich deposits.


Yep, they move around- in some cases quite a bit depending on the specifics of who is mining.

Like others, I would be head-over-heals thrilled for even some minor tweaks to the interface to make my life a bit less miserable the working on PI.

I’m all about having some complexity here, but there are some parts of the UI that are endlessly frustrating (the 3D “hover icons” showing up over things you are trying to see/click, the inconvenient routing of resources, the endless “click-fest” of the entire process, getting an overview of things on the colony, and on and on…)

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Agreed. UI improvements and quality of life come first. After that, we can consider whether any of the OP’s proposed changes represent a nerf to ISK/hour or anything else, and whether that is warranted. Since more skilling would be involved for some of his propositions, that in itself represents a nerf of some kind.

From a snapshot point of view, I would agree but the point of this is that nothing is static nor should it but in the rare case of like barren planet I can see no need to move around too much but production of finding minerals based on the time it takes to mine down to it! In the case of having to mine down to something you wouldn’t get all the materials right off the bat there should be peaks where mining is happening before it reaches a rich vein of materials, as it is now you start out at a peak and slowly drop down to nothing as there can never be more materials the deeper you go, see my point on this I hope: slight_smile:

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A UI refresh for PI is “low hanging fruit”. Relatively simple changes that will improve the quality of life for a lot of players. It was discussed in the CSM minutes and CCP seemed amenable to a QoL expansion - no big new features just a lot of little stuff.

I don’t think the mechanics of PI need an overhaul - prices are good and the market is well supplied in spite of the demand spike created by Upwell structures. I definitely don’t want PI to be “easier” . Easy for me = easy for everyone else = lower prices as more product comes to market.

I read somewhere that the holograms are there to discourage bots - if true and if they are effective, I vote to keep them while agreeing they are a PITA.

Absolutely agreed there. My issues are with the interface, not the general concept, skills, or mechanic.

Huh- interesting. I would not have guessed that, but who knows. What I have found is that if your colony is in a horizontal orientation, they are unneeded but non-offensive. But, if you have buildings that are above others or if your colony is tightly packed…then they become an issue mechanically.

Just a couple of things off the top of my head that I would love:

  1. Make the method for routing more consistent and if you have unrouted material after a change, give me an alert.
  2. Give me an overview of my colony. I use Neocom on my phone for this since it’s exponentially better at grouping all information in one place.
  3. I’d love the holograms to go away, but if they have to stay add some more differentiation between building typed (basic, advanced, etc.)
  4. Similar to the overview of resources and storage, I would love a single window where I can manage all my ECUs and heads when I move things around instead of hopping back and forth between windows to balance my heads on a planet amongst ECUs.
  5. Give me something other than the slider for adjusting extractor time. It’s a headache to dial in a specific time. Not the end of the world, just harder than it needs to be.

I’m sure a lot more will occur to me when I look at my planets again tomorrow morning :slight_smile:


how about a build system that’s like the current ship fitting window, you design a set up, save it, so when you get to planet, you drop your command center and use a saved build fitting, select it and it builds it with out all the endless clicking.

placing heads would still need to be a manual thing but it would save a shite ton of time and end the endless clicking and routing and selecting the right schematic and so on, would be real nice to be able to plan these things ahead of deployment and have saved settings for different extraction/factories set ups.


That’s a really interesting idea. We would still need the flexibility to set custom connections between the buildings, but that could be managed in such a window. I’m thinking something kind of like the hacking window, where you can drop the modules in and stitch them together as you wish.

I’d like to possible be able to drop that assembly separate from the CC, but that would be a really interesting way to do things- even share fittings or keep them for future planets if you move.

I like it!


makes sense, we can do it with ships and stations now, why not PI :rofl:


Hmmm, I think some of you are getting off topic, if you want to talk about the UI make a new Thread-topic about it myself it’s fine the way it is! My issue is with static materials and nothing flowing

Fair enough regarding the topic.

But as some of us have stated, they do move around a fair amount- I need to reposition my extractors multiple times per week because the deposits are moving around. What is it you would like to see changed?

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