Space Weather Expansion [Meteor Strike]

hi all, so i was thinking about a few things that there has been a lot of expansion towards the environment which we as pilots interact with, space weather being one of them, how we’re going to interact later via mining and compression will also be changed and such things, and it got me thinking how we in this game occupy space but we never see meteor strikes on moons and planets which may contain minerals, the idea of introducing meteor strikes which impact moons and planets seems very fascinating, the idea here being rare materials (such as dark compound, or perhaps neophite) could be introduced more reguarly into the game and be given some form of purpose, failing that it would still be cool to have things like materials harvested over time from planets, this way if a veldspar asteroid were to crash (thus becoming a meteorite) you could then set up a Tritanium mine on that moon / planet. harvesting low amounts of ore over time, perhaps this could be a good alternative for alpha clones (thus they can still make ships) but the normal PI Materials (used for T2 and capital ships) are still off limits, it would also mean those players have more at stake in the game as well as providing something more to offer.

there would have to be whole asteroid storms across many regions in the game as well as appropriate but I think there could be something to this, perhaps it would help miners.

I have also pitched the idea before about refining over time in return for higher yield, perhaps if basic planetary mining facilities (for meteor strikes) are available to alpha clones they can also refine over time, a possible way to upgrade/improve this would be that omega status players can drop down compressed ore to have higher mining refining yields, the refining rate would be X amount per hour, possibly based off of the same mechanics as PI how things take time to produce.

figured it would be an interesting thing to see, in game, one of the aspects behind the game is resources anbd fighting over resources, having rich ore veins would and planet & moon refineries would then become strike targets for pilots, perhaps they can be hacked from orbit and ownership contested.

maybe something in there to be considered.

From a lore perspective, refining Veldspar on a planet is an extraordinarily stupid move.

From a game design perspective, what’s the point of this? Aside from just being turbofarmed by free alts of course. What’s wrong with the current rate of mineral acquisition?

Making miners compete with free AFK alphas will not help them at all.

Jesus christ don’t give ccp any more terrible ideas, you saw how much the monkey’s paw curled with gas compression.

i know nothing as to why this is a stupid move in relation to the lore, could you please explain it to me.

nothing, i just thought it would be cool, you could also put in place limits which would make having 100 accounts less efficient considering the log in times and also limit the amounts, in my mind i was thinking more of a simple tiny extra nudge of bump

would be cool if you could have the facilities and all those hundreads of accounts you talk about went to active players.

players cry about almost everything, i’d like the suggestions i make to be applicable to future game advancement with possibly new aspects of game play which have been coded or could be wanted if utilised correctly by the player base (making obsolete assets useable and benefical, helping to fully flesh out the game in a variety of ways)

even if my suggestion doesn’t work on paper, there could still be merit behind the concept, or perhaps my suggestions don’t 100% line up with the current game direction, but could be something to considered down the line.

The main building block in space structures. A very hard, yet bendable metal. Cannot be used in human habitats due to its instability at atmospheric temperatures.

I don’t exactly know what will happen, but it might involve explosions.

So there’s no reason to add this. Gotcha.

Those accounts aren’t going to be “active” because PI-esque activity is passive. And if you let alphas do them then it will be overfarmed to ridiculous levels. Never underestimate the autism of the playerbase.

I actually did have a bit of a thought on how you could do reprocessing over time: get rid of the additional yield for the skills so that everyone gets the max yield, and then have the skills speed stuff up. (for instance, level Vs in all relevant repro skills would be practically instant.) That way people don’t need to flag down one of their corp’s reprocessors to process some ore if they don’t mind waiting to do it themselves, but if they need it done super fast then those max repro toons are still useful.

explosions are cool

i have said that being able to hack things from orbit or perhaps lunar bases would bring in a new factor of game play, aslo again, it would be fun / cool, if the concept of not putting it on a planet is applicable small dedicated anchorable refineries could work or perhaps moon bases

this can easily be limited.

interesting thoughts, not sure if thats how i would of gone about it, but then again not entirely sure how i would actually go about doing that myself.

…except when you own or work in the refining factory!!! :rofl:

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