So I’ve been thinking on this a while.
Why aren’t asteroids hitting planets?

A cool new feature imo would be to have permanent events that move, like edencom and all that.
A giant asteroid is spotted by regular humans, heading towards their planet. They put out an sos, and we have a time limit to try to mine it out so it doesn’t hit the planet.
If we fail, the asteroid impacts and all the pi stations on the planet are destroyed.

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That would be a gankers and griefers wet dream. They would be picking off mining ships left and right, and gladly watch as the asteroid impacts the planet and destroys every PI installation on it…


I could see this as an occasional event, but in reality most asteroids that enter Earth’s atmosphere are burned up or don’t have a devastating effect. I do think such an event would be ripe for PvP content, and would probably appeal to those who enjoy both mining and PvP.

I’d rather have planetary bombardment and planetary invasion being carried by the players.

The bombardment/invasion requires either a module or a structure. If a module, the activation renders the ship immobile and unable to warp, if a structure it need to be maned to function.

When a bombardment/invasion is under way, that will be made evident both system wide and to anyone with a colony in the planet and the player carrying it out will get a suspect flag.

Tbh I’d probably watch a few hit a planet too. There’s room for amazing graphics, like we get from popping a moon.
I agree it would give content to gankers too, but that’s part of the fun. Anyone that has pi would need to pony up to save their investment. Or they will have to replace everything. Either way, it creates a market incentive too.

Yes, but we don’t currently mine the closest asteroid belt every day.
In game, I’d think the chance would go higher the more the system is mined. Highsec, lowsec, null and wormholes can all enjoy the content, or be triggered by the loss.

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