New PvP / PvE feature - Hollowed Out Asteroids

I think that hollowed out asteroids in the main belts would add a new flare to PvP/PvE.

A ship sitting in a hollowed out asteroid would be undetectable to scans and probes but you could be able to use probes to scan down the system with.

The only way that the other ship would be able to detect your presence in the asteroid is based on your movement, as soon as your ship moves you become visible on their overview or if the ship happens to close to the opening, 5km and conducts a scan.

The hollowed out asteroids would span in different systems after each downtime to ensure a random variable is present.

The hollowed out roids would provide interesting ambush scenarios for PvP and PvE’s alike.

Only to be killed if you are inside.

The bounding boxes on objects would have the ship inside bouncing around like a billiard ball trying to get out. Would be an easy kill.


Not really. I flew a Typhoon into a hollowed out asteroid earlier. I simply clicked aligned to the station outside of the asteroid’s opening without any bouncing around at all.

1st people doing pve arent generally looking to ambush anybody so this does them far more harm than good.

2nd this constitutes a random cloak that doesnt suffer the issue of sensor recalibration time so again this is great if your into pvp, not so great for the pve crowd.

Frankly, pvp’ers dont need any more help killing defenseless ships the tables are already stupidly in favor of the gankers.


No one said anything about using a cloak. The asteroid would become the cloak.

The applications are there for PvE as well as the same mechanics used by PvPer’s to find a ship in an asteroid would also apply to NPC Pirate ships as well.

The game needs some new twists.

How fun would it be to find a Jump Freighter nestled up inside of a hollowed out asteroid trying to escape its Null sec pursuers that have trapped the ship in system?

Actually, it’s great for PvE players. Smart PvE players will be able to avoid the ambush by staying out of tackle range of any asteroids, while stupid PvE farmers will get ambushed and killed. The economic effects result in ISK and LP payments being worth more, improving the profit per hour for the smart PvE players.

Remember, the ideal situation from the point of view of a smart PvE player is that all of their competition is slaughtered, leaving them as the sole PvE player in the game and granting them a monopoly on PvE revenue. Anything that increases PvE risks in a skill-dependent way is a buff to PvE players.

From what I have seen of PvP it is usually camp a station, camp a gate, warp to a combat site, roid belt etc. Blobbing also comes to mind.

There really isn’t any challenge to PvP. I mean a battleship can sit on a gate and get Hot Dropped by a Titan.

Maybe the whole Eve Universe needs a good asteroid shower to provide content tears with so that the Alliances will have to rebuild from the bottom. Just like they did when they went into Null space years and years ago.

Just one Titan? Amateurs. You should drop at least 10 Titans and 50 supers for a battleship.

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i feel like what you want is already covered by one of the deployables

maybe you should actually try pvp yourself rather than sit around in HS. try FW

I have been involved in Faction War, making runs against PL cyno ships and even the Keepstar of PL in a stealth bomber, solo mind you. What have you done recently?

Not only would the Hollowed Out Asteroid provide great PvP and PvE content, the inside of the asteroid could sometimes have ancient relics from Sleeper and other extinct races that could be extracted with a new type of module along with small amounts of Null Sec not to mention the possibility of a very expensive faction or officer module being found embedded in the asteroid’s surface.

Content creation that involves many avenues is what shows that time is still moving forward.

Killing rookie ships isn’t much of a PVP cv.

Totally valid thing to do (don’t get me wrong), it just isn’t much of a credential from a pvp perspective.

When the Cyno Rookie ship is bringing in Pandemic Legion Titans, Super Caps and Force Aux such PvP is in fact the next best feeling to actually destroying any of the ship classes above.

Still just a rookie ship. If that’s the best you can brag about, it aint much.

According to your killboard, your last kill of anything at all was in 2009.

Now as a game of alts, there’s lots of possibilities to be posting in the forum on a non-active character, but it’s all we have to judge you buy in terms of pvp.

A record of 43:137 with no activity since 2009, doesn’t give you much credibility when proposing an idea to spice up pvp opportunities.

I don’t PvP much, I mine, explore and rat belts along with playing the market.

Where are you ideas for improving the aspects of the game? That’s right you are a Top Tear PvPer who doesn’t want change because it might affect your Top Tear standards. Well in reality the game environment must change so that new Hardcore PvPer’s will come along and squash the slow moving beetle bug that is the old PvPer beneath their foot.

It’s all about content creation.

Isn’t this already covered by cloaks, only better?

I mean you can sit practically anywhere completely immune to detection while using probes. What would this add?

No, because while cloaked, you can’t do anything in space that earns you ISK. This proposal is to completely cloak you, make you invisible, but still able to rat.

Why would you do that sitting still?

Or do they suggest you could engage rats but still not be targetted back by them?

Good question.

I think OP thinks this is a massive content creation play land, where you can’t been visibly seen from outside, don’t appear on d-scan, but somehow you can still attack rats. Since you can’t be seen by the rats, I guess they can’t shoot back and could only shoot your drones.

It hasn’t been well thought out.