PvE ramble - NPC "cheating"

Several different points I’d like to bring up.

1: NPCs only rarely make use of the signature bloom effect brought out with burner missions even when displaying velocities that would require MWDs for players to match with a given hull, and I think that adding this attribute to ships with MWD-like behavior would be interesting and reduce disconnect between PVE and PVP for what mechanics to consider. It would be especially nifty if these older NPCs could also be stopped from boosting with a scrambler, though I know that is much more work than tweaking the signature bloom.
2: I also think we should give more NPCs who use systems that would shut down if capped out the same treatement as newer NPCs who sometimes have such things, after we added a capacitor to them to prevent eternally nos-ing them for free cap.
3: I think we’re at a point where we can comfortably say that the abyss and burner missions are a major hit and FOBs are an overall win. I think part of this is that they are closer to a PVP setup where one can usually make money if you win. Thus while I like that for the most part missions are hordes, and so are most anomalies, I think a few variants with the much closer to player level NPCs as a new set are worth consideration, especially if we could fill in the 9/10 niche.

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NPC combat will never be equal to PvP because of the AI. The AI is such a basic script in all video games they become punching bags. This (in my opinion) is the real need for PvP online. I can easily beat any AI once I get the idea behind their instructions.

Too many games have the AI run in a straight line at you. I used this against them back when I was playing Star Trek. I would toss the ship in reverse, buff the forward shields, and fire. Ducks in a shooting gallery. The whole purpose of PvP is players are human and make both good and bad decisions. Random AI or scripted NPCs will never surpass the human experience.

Attempting to make the NPC “better” with buffs has been done in other games and EVE, as I have seen unbeatable NPCs worth a lot of ISK. They are called “bullet sponges” and are no fun at all.

I’m not asking for it. I want them to be closer, as that appears to be more enjoyable for most players, and would help with consistency of mechanics.

This is asking for them to play by rules similar to player ships, not to buff them into bullet sponges. This is arguably about nerfing the NPCs by making them subject to signature bloom and scramblers and energy warfare like players would apply.

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MAIGA (make AI great again).

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I love it.

Any critique on the substance? You usually have interesting takes and a perspective I enjoy.

Who are ‘we’ - in these very tightly paragraphed ‘I think’ notes? Certainly not me!

It’s a basic error. The fact that you are writing the post suggests that it contains what you think. The use of ‘We’ might bolster your confidence as you warm to your subject, but it is, in this context, unnecessary.

It’s the same when folks say things like ‘We, the playerbase’, or ‘We, the residents of Highsec’ (usually followed by a demand) - irritating.

Thank you for the bump.
I am not claiming to speak for anyone in specific, though I am attempting to explicitly include anyone who wishes to be included, and can back up abyssals and burner missions as relatively high engagement content, so the second is “we, the reality based community”

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