Npc ai

  1. Make NPC hostile pirates warp out from belts.

It is weird to see how banch of NPC pirate ships fly around barges or orcas for long without effect. Also it would be more living-like when NPC fleets will be making warps more often.

  1. Add occasionally rouge drones to all belts through New Eden

There is a new AI that is much more vibrant. Just there are still old NPC’s that don’t use it. It’s not a simple switch to change every NPC over to it.


thx. Can you bring more details? Are there any plans

They do sometimes warp out if you kill a few.

It could be nice if they warp out on ctitical damage to avoid destruction.

I’ve long supported the idea that NPC ships should be smart enough to leave before they die.

Ratters can fit a damn point.

But can you imagine the tears that (super)carrier ratters would have, that they have to fit sirens? Or all the cruise rattles that can’t sit 150km away plinking things.

The salt would be glorious.

That said, as Nevyn said, CCP has been developing and deploying an AI with much more depth. I hope they do more to expand on it, but it’s most certainly an improvement.


Then your saying no long range ship can rat. Only close range brawlers are allowed to rat, suddenly most ships become useless for PvE.
Or we have to introduce a lot more long range point modules.

Not a good solution, not unless you make the value of killing NPC ships more in parts they drop and not in bounty, and do the whole isk/lp payout for clearing the objective one way or another. Even if it is by forcing them to warp out.

I’m fine with this, yes.

If only you could have someone else running your site with you… you know… pointing things. I guess if we were playing in a massively multiplayer game it would be possible, but as it presently stands…


Sure, if CCP do a redesign of how they award rewards for all ratting such that it rewards fleets rather than punishes them. You know, like making the reward all about completing the site/mission in general and then you can split that between the fleet using incursion type mechanics to prevent too many in site, oh, exactly like I happened to mention.
Otherwise stop talking rubbish, we all know it’s a multiplayer game, and we all know why people don’t run in fleets, don’t act stupid about that and propose something that just is an utter nerf to a huge portion of people and fits.

If only there was a mechanic you could use in farm-sec which would generate a sphere like a giant ball, where you cannot warp out of but you could fly out of that ball.
Such a mechanic could then hold the NPCs in place with the only downside that it would keep you there too.


Also something I’m not opposed to.

Why you gotta hate the sandbox? If you want to split a reward 10 ways instead of 5, why not?

Ratting needs to be nerfed. Isk faucets are out of control. Ratting is so obscenely out of control.

Just look at 100mn ratting fits… easily hands down the best approach. Land in site, orbit something at 30, unleash your drones, micromanage them just a slight bit while you grumble that you’ve already watched everything on netflix.

Or carrier ratting. Losing 33% of your DPS is one thing, but now you can’t spread your DPS. Your ticks go WAY down.

Super ratting, even bigger effect. They’ve lost one of their light squads for a point, but they still need to focus their DPS on the ship being pointed.

OR they go for max dps and land at the site at zero with a heavy point, no longer remaining pre-aligned to their warp-out. That alone would be a HUGE boon to hunters.

Rattlesnakes, Ravens, RNIs, etc, they can’t just sit back with a minimal tank at max range and take pot-shots… they have to actually… fly their ships.

I’m not opposed to reworking the way rewards work, so long as the output remains the same and the work goes up dramatically.

If someone wants to run a max tick fit, they can do it with a friend in a Lachesis and split their reward.

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Please. Restrain your discourse on thing you know about.

The time it takes for a carrier to take a rat BS is way less than the time it takes for a BS to warp out.

A haven contains ~30-40 rats, for a bit more than 30M bounty I think. that means, a carrier doing 60M ticks kills 75 rats per 20min, so average one rat every 16 s.

The fact that smaller ships can warpout is actually a better thing : they reduce a ratter isk/h

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Only if you’re stacking your fighters. If you’re following optimal ratting and spreading your fighters across the rats (even with the potential for regen, spreading your DPS means fewer partial volleys and less fighter travel time) they’ll easily be able to warp out. If you’re stacking your fighters already, it’ll work the same as you say, at least until your fighters run out of missiles.

Really? So assuming they do get out before you blap them, you’re fine with the wasted volleys and fighter travel time it takes to push them out? You’re effectively shooting them for zero isk at that point. You might save one or two volleys, but in the end, you still have to push them out somehow - they aren’t just going to bugout when they see a carrier on grid.

I can only advice you to hop on SiSi and check out those guardians gala sites. Those guardians warp away from you all the time like those FOB NPCs.

Then they could react to a carrier on the field by dropping a hic, pinning said carrier down while warping out the subcaps and bringing their own capital fleet for the same amount of isk.
Now ratting carrier need to work the same amount of time as regular ships for the same amount of isk.

I’ve been meaning to. I really do want to see how it all works. I don’t rat much these days because I just can’t handle the tedium anymore. I’ll work an hour of overtime at and buy plex instead.

If they do as you say (especially if they can bring a HIC in and infinipoint you) that would be downright beautiful. I’d definitely trade that behaviour for needing to point rats. I might even go do PVE for fun.


I can imagine “attacking” a Haven or Sanctum with a carrier or mothership like this and you better have a fax pilot with you or you are in real trouble.

That would even out ratting in k-space by thread of the ratting ship. If I need an hour for a sanctum, so should they.

A (super)carrier should make more because it’s a capital ship if the difficulty increases then so should the reward.
I do think that rats could use and be vulnerable to normal PvP tactics like neuts.

I disagree. A sanctum pays around 45m isk and takes me close to an hour to shoot all ships down.
If one must sit in a sooper dooper, the threat should increase but the payouts do not.

That should give those lifeforms a sense of risk and loss they feel, just like I do.

A sense of loss should return to farmville-sec.

I can not fly a “Sooper dooper,” but I do know that they take a significant initial investment and that investment should be rewarded currently a VNI can run most sites with minimal risk and a carrier with your suggestion would be better off staying in a VNI so there would be fewer juicy targets for hunters.