Adding comets to eve as mining targets

Just an idea, how about adding comets to the game and not just for show. You could have them appear at random in different systems all around New Eden. Because they are rare, you could make them super valuable targets for miners. They could be a rare target that produces both rare minerals and ice. That could make it a very enticing to mine, and, of course, be beautiful to look at. Honestly, I’m surprised Eve doesn’t already have comets in game.

Let me know what you think.


I’m not 100% sure if they are comets but I see streaks flying across my screen often which I always assumed were comets off into the distance. I also thought that maybe they were other players warping too. Maybe it is all of the above. /shrug

As far as mining a comet, I am always for making ISK grinding a bit more interesting and less me wanting to watch YouTube and glance at local every few seconds. Making mining more risky and with greater reward could be interesting as to make it so you make more ISK and grind less but the dangers are a lot more than your average mining belt.

And yes, RORQS are the answer to a lot of what I said above but that leaves out the newer players. Grind to grind.

Comets = mining anoms?

Its really too bad you didn’t take some of the ideas in the other thread and put together a more coherent and complete proposal.

Instead you just cut and pasted the same OP from the other thread…as if others did not even try to improve/expand/further your idea. (sigh)

If you yourself cannot be more enthusiastic, helpful and pro-active concerning your own idea, why even bother? I still like the idea and hope it gets into the game, but damn…I don’t think the odds went up any.

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