Mining of Comets

Is there any chance that comets could be added with valuable minerals available for those that chose to mine them. Comets would have to be on a moving trajectory, not static in space. Although most mining is done with the miners being stationary, this would give a new dynamic realisation and create a unique opportunity. The Comets speed would have to be above that of a standard barge etc, which would then make the capsuleer have to think about the fit and speed to achieve the mining capability. It would also mean that the capsuleer would have to continually manoeuvre his ship to be in range and keep target lock. A reasonable target distance to achieve mining lock would be slightly more than what would be required for gas mining, but not as far as the minimum required for roid mining. Its just an interesting thought that make mining more interesting in the future.

Given the way ships in EVE work, this isn’t remotely realistic or consistent with in game mechanics.

One redeeming feature of the idea is that it’d be unsuitable for Orcas. But for everything else you make a fit that’s fast enough and press:


There isn’t that many interesting decisions to make.

They’d likely add abyssal type clouds, e.g. speed clouds or mining enhancement clouds to keep pace with the dynamic comet.

Requirement of manual piloting while mining would probably be more tedious than engaging.

found the red flag for bad ideas!

Yes, it is an interesting idea, but what are the merits? What makes it a good idea?

It sounds like I just need a comet fit and then everything else about mining is basically the same. Maybe a few ships cannot be used.

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